By Ceej - 28/10/2012 04:06 - United States - Grand Haven

Today, my husband and I were told by our elderly neighbors that they can hear us having sex a lot. To top it off, the elderly man said while patting his wife's arm with a smile, "Carol used to make noises like that too, back in the day." FML
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ruabadfishtoo 0

Well, at least your neighbours were humorous about it. Still, invest in soundproof walls.

KingDingALing 9

Toss him a packet of Viagra and say "Now you can re-live those days."


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ruabadfishtoo 0

"First" is so 2009.

FlyinTurtle 7

Notice how no one cares

Why do people care if he says "First"? Who cares, we all have the choice to do what we want, even though what this guy wants to do is comment "First".

And we have the choice to thumb him down so I'm not too worried.

Osito2011 9

Last is so 2000 and late o.O

Really wish the mods would change his comment to say something silly....

Unicornpower - The mods care about it more than the rest of us. Have you EVER seen a "First!" last for more than a few minutes? No, because the mods delete them. Every one of them.

Here - a blue shell up yo' a$$!

ruabadfishtoo 0

Well, at least your neighbours were humorous about it. Still, invest in soundproof walls.

Congrats. You're scarred for life.

Or the ghetto way: attach empty egg cartons to the walls.

I didn't know that was considered ghetto. *surreptitiously takes down egg cartons*

That was my idea!! Haha

So does this mean someone is freaking loud as heck? If you can't tone it done then the soundproof walls might be the way to go.

Protip: Using "ghetto" as an adjective is ghetto.

I thought using "ghetto" as an adjective was the whitest thing you could do.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

They seem like a lovely couple.

Dat Carol too stronk, needs nerf

55 - Diablo 3 problems?

Never got into it. Was asked to though. Oldschool WoW, DotA, Lol, and WC3 (RoC and TFT) player. Yeah... I'm a nerd, but I'm one of the few that can break your jaw and let you choke on your teeth. So dont start with the stereotyping bullshit.

Ahhh... those were the days..

Your picture is really helping with some of your comments. Really makes them hit home.

Your profile picture is perfect for this FML...

yenidewi 11

hehehhe ... free porn sound ... lol

Yup, still getting double comments from you. Still pointless.

Your comments are doubled and they're not that great anyway... just no.......

klovemachine 24

60 = Fail :)

Lol, I find it hilarious how your comments always double, and then get the most negative votes.

KingDingALing 9

Toss him a packet of Viagra and say "Now you can re-live those days."

SApprentice 34

Every time I catch sight of "packet of Viagra" as I'm skimming through the comments, I read it as "pocket of Vagina" for some reason, and it makes me pause for a moment.

45- I think by "pause" you mean "double take"

Ge0rger0kz 5

I think your penis is trying to tell you something.

Have sex in the room furthest from their room :D

and disturb the neighbors on the other side?

Fine, they can alternate sides of the apartment so the neighbours on either side can take turns listening to them have sex.

SApprentice 34

At least they're understanding. I think it's actually kind of sweet, although in a slightly disturbing and odd way. It sounds like him and his wife still love each other. Just remember how easy it is for the two of you to be heard and try to be more quiet from now on.

That's the best thing they can do. It might be a little inconvenient to quiet down, but do they really want the whole neighbourhood to know they're having sex? And it makes me wonder about the elderly couple. It makes me so happy to see a couple still love each other after so many years of marriage. I wonder how long they've been married...

So, you and your man have loud, mind-blowing sex and the sweet, elderly couple who live next door can relive the old days while still enjoying the loving marriage they still have. I see no problem here.

Yes, it's all about body control!