By RedFox12 - 28/10/2012 00:12 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, I was taking a walk with a girl I really like. Trying to impress her, I mentioned I'd just learned how to do a front flip, and she told me to prove it. I did the flip, but stumbled forward on the landing and smacked head-first into a pole. She's still laughing. FML
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RedFox12 7

I wrote this. My head is fine and the girl doesn't think I'm an idiot or anything. It was just a funny/embarrassing thing that happened. I'm just surprised I actually got something published on here :D

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omfg_creepers 8

Everybody gets scared when I front flip.

I don't think this is what is meant by falling head over heels in love :p


omfg_creepers 8

Everybody gets scared when I front flip.

AbstraktThoughts 13

I clicked YDI as soon as I read, "Trying to impress her..."

Same here, I swear it should be known by now. If you try to do something stupid to impress, you deserve whatever comes next.

whiteboy896 9

I just don't understand why OP didn't check for a pole before they did the flip.

It's actually quite genius... Technically he completed the flip thus proving himself correct but since he got hurt right after now he has the sympathy/funny factor on his side. Smart guy.

Why would OP have to check, and not just notice that there's a pole there?

When the thread jackers get more thumbs up than the first comment they replied to. Haha.

33-I was thinking the same thing. OP can milk this and get sympathy points off the girl if he plays his cards right, and if it works out it's one of those perfect "remember when we first met and..." moments.

X_Codes 11

@57 - "Sympathy points" is a losing strategy. That said, I do have to join the general chorus of, assuming you didn't get a serious head injury, that this is a GOOD thing, not something you should post FMLs about. The people you want to impress in life are your bosses, parents, etc. You want your girlfriend to have fun.

Osito2011 9

62 making the girl laugh is a way of her having fun. A lot of the time a key to a girls heart is making her laugh. Also she knows how athletic op is and now she is probably thinking how athletic he could be in bed. Good job op!

GuessWhatKids 13

1 - Come around here and you're done with ;) It's unfortunate so few people got the reference.

Front flips are easy. It is the back flip that I am afraid of doing.

19, would he deserve it if he did a perfect flip, but then got shot with an RPG?

ioiehsos 2

To this very day, some day the girl is still laughing.

13: Universal statement of "I'm about to fail miserably unless I get lucky": "watch this". Universal statement of "that went about as bad as possible without killing someone": "i tried to impress"/"trying to impress".

Well if I try to front flip I duck-dive into the ground, so BE PROUD OP

Jeterforever 3

Not always the best way to impress someone lol.

When you're trying to impress someone, things never work out the way you want.

Mmm that probably helped him out more than if he were to land the flip. She sees him embarrass himself and might think it's cute. Women never work according to the manual.

Yes, but it's written in Fem and only the first few pages have been decoded.

And the judges score is...10 for such a perfect landing!

Next time buy her dinner to impress her. Less blood and probably more enjoyable.

You deserved it, but I hope you feel okay, op.

Wow... It's like people aren't allowed to be proud of themselves anymore! -_-

Karma IS a bitch, and her name is kimbliee

CountryCutie90 5

I give you mad props for being creative at least

SpikyG 3

That's when you grab her and take her home.

…by the hair, caveman style! Bludgeon her with a club, first. Wouldn't want her waking up on the way there.