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Today, during dinner, my daughter rudely cut into my conversation and gushed that she's "like, totally" going to audition for a reality TV show next year, after I pay her way. Five minutes into her jaw-dropping stupidity, I had to physically restrain myself from slapping her out of her chair. FML
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You raised her... Just saying

oj101 33

Faith in humanity -200 points.


U_GotitDude 18

Lol did she say what show?

T9FTW 20

The Hills.

Pussy. You should of slapped her and put her in place.

She most likely wants her own.

Jersey Shore?

Baazing! For the Win!

damn_homie 2

Bad Girls Club

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I actually hope it is BGC so she can get hit.

KiddNYC1O 20

Doesn't matter, all reality shows suck.

PhishloverA 14

Teen Mom, X-Factor, Survivor

You raised her... Just saying

Parents can only do so much for a child. The stupid will be stupid.

Steve95401 49

The dim bulb doesn't fall far from the Christmas tree.

^candle and jack-o-lantern. Please don't be like the damn stores and rush us through holidays. :( lol

Unibear 1

*kid spillsand drop of water on carpet* mom-"HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE CARPET I AM GOING TO TELL YOUR FATHER AND YOU WILL SHIT A..."

Girreth 7

I can't tell if the daughter is stupid or if the parent is self-centered.

It's all about the upbringing if you think about it.

It's all about the upbringing if you think about it.

50, it really isn't. But I don't want to get into a Nature v Nurture argument right now. Haha.

MagicGiraffe 12

Children also pick up a lot of influence from outside the home, like school and whatnot.

X_Codes 11

How children act when they're teenagers probably depends more on their influences at school than at home. You know, that whole identity-seeking thing...

I agree, Apples and trees

Well, if the tree is situated downslope, the apple will fall and roll very far away.

Slapping her out of her chair would help prevent that kind of stupidity. Don't hold back!

Regardless of her stupidity, this is an extremely harsh FML from parent to child..

technochik3 12

40- the fuck?

oj101 33

Faith in humanity -200 points.

oj101 33

I'd also like to apologize for my f*ucked up generation. Most of us are pretty normal- but it's the vocal few that make a lot of noise which accounts for all the negativity and stereotypes perceived on a particular group.

stupidity of many girls like this +99999

kryxen 14

As it is with most generations.

3 you had faith in humanity?

FlamingTacos 7

86- it was probably negative before, so he had no faith

Zoh_Aubrey 8

47 - Every generation has its share of fuck ups--but because of mass media and social networking, we have access to a bevy of idiots.

47- I'm really sick of people who say " I'd like to apologize for my generation". Not everyone is like that in your generation. Not everyone likes the music and has a pile of shit for brains. I'm just saying that it offends me a lot when "my generation" is stereotyped.

WearingHats 14

He was apologizing for the "vocal few". If you're offended then you consider yourself one of the dumbasses.

127- I'm none of the sort, and getting offended by it doesn't mean I am one. I know that they exist, yet I dont mock them or make fun of them, trying to apologize for "my generation". When someone chooses to follow something or not to try to learn, that's on them. What bothered me is that he stereotyped, implying that the entire generation is a group of shitheads.

silvereye12 7

Can you hear us all the way up there on your high horse? Or should we just tape a note to the stick up your ass? Stop getting so huffy about things on the Internet. You make yourself look like one of the idiots most of us try to convince people we're not.

oj101 33

#124. Ignore the first sentence if that helps. I was actually apologizing for the vocal few that makes our whole generation seem f*cked up even though we're not, and most of us are normal. The first sentence is just to broadly appeal to everyone and grab the reader's attention. Hope this clears things up for you.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? Loser.

lepuppykicker 15

How old is she? Teach her some manners.

DCarrasco526 4

I hate you solely based on your name

Bitch... Did the puppies ever kick you?

rampersaud 10

I'd like to slap you out of your chair with that kind of name..

Lady_Face 12

But her comment is valid.

Mister_Triangle 21

It's just a fucking website username, calm your tits.

Her username is probably just from an old FML she posted. Maybe she got blamed for kicking a puppy, or she accidentally did, etc.

Says that she has never posted an FML of her own...

lepuppykicker 15

Haha y'all calm down. It's a joke. I did accidentally kick a puppy one time (not that hard). My friends said that was the most evil crime someone could commit and they have called me that since.

kat4x1track 5

67-No, they did not but I would like to kick you.

And you would think that that username wouldn't alarm anybody, how...?

SenselessPattern 12

Jesus Christ, now I have the urge to make a new account called "CrippledOrphanRapist666".

lepuppykicker 15

It hasn't alarmed anyone until now.

Im appalled at how everyone is reacting to your username. It's obviously a joke, y'all need to calm the fuck down

You should show her how things work in the real world.

No pun intended.

oj101 33

What do you mean? Reality is like, totally real. Its called reality isn't it? No sarcasm intended.

damn_homie 2

The Real World is a reality show on MTV that's what he meant

Or the other real world, where daddy doesn't pay for her moronic ideas and she has to sleep her way to the top

I reposted my last comment accidentally... Like totally sorry! Soooooooooo yeah sup?

I'm guessing "Teen Mom" is the show.

Could be a new version of honey boo boo!

#13 No, just no.

A birdie really told you that? I'm guessing he spoke penguin?

#69 You just made this thread awesome. It's like a perfect name and moment x3

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A lot of young girls ARE THOSE girls nowadays, I blame parenting.

It depends, sometimes it is parenting, but mostly I blame general culture.

I blame the Internet and the media.

It sounds like she already IS one of those girls...

Seems to me like she is a spoiled brat... Which you have raised that way. She expects you to pay her way, I'm guessing, because you always do. Try talking to her instead of the Fml board....