By Anonymous - United States - Atwater
  Today, my husband and I were getting frisky. All was going well until I decided to go down on him, causing him to freak out, thinking I was going for his butt, ending the night with a black eye from being knee'd in the face. FML
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  happysmile987  |  24

How was it going to be butt penetration of OP is a woman? Unless OP is a man, I guess that would make more sense. But still, I'm confused. I'm on the mobile version so I can't see the gender of OP

  happysmile987  |  24

#23 I understand but I was just saying it conclusively. But yeah, thanks everyone. I'm still confused, so if there's an icon next to OP's name does that mean they are female? Because for me not all of the names have the icons next to it. On this FML, there is an icon but other ones there is nothing.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

On my phone I see shoulder up silhouette like images, long hair is female and short hair is male. Not all will have them. There can also be the gender symbols I believe.

By  PuppiesKisses  |  15

Did you do something or did something happen in the past to cause such a harsh reaction? Should tell him he'll never get head again if that's his reaction for no logical reason.