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By  Welshite  |  39

Did you have the candles, the music, the camera crew, and the sheets artfully arranged to hide everything to maintain a PG-13 rating? Because if you didn't, then it would explain why your night didn't turn out like the movies.

P.S.: I have a camera and someone willing to do lighting. PM me.

  Tripartita  |  44

This is only the end of first or second act.

If it's the first act, OP will gain amazing sex-powers that she'll ultimately give up when she realizes she was loved just as she was.

If it's the second act, her and her husband will sue the company that made the bed and have to give a physical demonstration of how she was injured in front of a jury.

By  Dale_shackleford  |  13

Remember, they only choreograph the movie sex scenes that way to make it look good to the audience. For the actors, the sex scenes are probably some of the most physically awkward and uncomfortable scenes they do.


They're only awkward if the people aren't actually having sex.

I actually practiced some of those moves with an adventurous partner until we got them down. OPs mistake was trying to surprise her husband instead of having his help... but I must say good on her for trying new things! I'm certain next time it will go much more smoothly. :-)