By thetheatreguy - Canada
Today, I went on the best date I've been on in years. Later on, over drinks we get talking and I explain how I came out to my friends and family. When I ask him how he came out, he replies that he isn't gay, and oh, did I think this was a date? FML
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  Ashleigh255  |  0

oh god the gay debate.
I strongly think all gays , lesbians, and bisexuals, have all the same rights as straight people. there's nothing wrong with them. it's just who they choose to love. :)

  loludeserveit  |  0

as a straight dude, gay/bi dudes are funny as shit, and I would be in a bad place, wardrobe-wise, without them. bi/lesbian women are just plain fuckin' hot, regardless what race, age, etc they are. (except old, wrinkly, excessively fat, or otherwise fuckin' disgusting) kthxbai

By  vno_fml  |  0

Been there :( It can be hard to tell when 85% of the world assumes everyone is straight, so there's no way you could possibly be interested in them.

By  enobnala90  |  0

From a fellow gay guy without gaydar to another, i totally feel for ya. This is my WORST nightmare. But, if u got that far with him, he is probably on the fence himself, so i would not let that one go if i were u.