By Irrationalwife
Today, my husband and I got into a fight about his pervert friend who regularly shows blatant disrespect for our marriage, including sending me inappropriate texts. Apparently this friend should have my full trust, and apparently I am the one with the issue for not excusing his bad behavior. FML
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  PhoenixChick  |  26

It's not a matter of "will my wife cheat on me?" That's a selfish interpretation. If a man hears his wife complain that his friend is making her uncomfortable, his thoughts should be about how she's uncomfortable. It shouldn't stop with "my wife is uncomfortable with my friend's sexual texts. Will my wife cheat on me with my friend? No? Then sexually harassing her is a-ok with me."

By  James Acosta  |  8

First off, she said inappropriate texts. not discusting ones, or sexual ones. Second, if she didn't like the guy doing those things, she would have blocked his number and banned him from the house. The problem is she is more attracted to the other guy. She uses "fighting" with her husband to hide her feelings for him. She said he blatantly disrespects thier marriage, but never said anything he says is lies or untrue.

  Mungolikecandy  |  19

A wonderful rationale of victim blaming