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Today, I walked in on my husband making out with his accountant, the same woman who comforted me when he cheated on me the year before. FML
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Accountant? More like accountramp! Yes my joke was bad and I should feel bad.


I agree, op should have left after the first time. Not stay around and wait for it to happen again.

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Sorry OP but this is a YDI for not leaving after the first affair. You know the whole "Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice and it's shame on me"

Literally exactly what I was about to say haha

39 and 44, how in the flying **** does this have anything to do with "'murica"?

I don't agree with once a cheater always a cheater. It's too general and makes it seem like no one can better themselves. However, there is no reason to cheat and you deserve better OP.

I don't entirely agree with "once a cheater always a cheater" true, if he has cheated on her before then she probably should have left the first time, but maybe she wanted to give him a second chance. There are guys out there who genuinely believe that when they cheated it was a mistake and mean it when they vow not to do it again. It's not many guys, but there is always an exception to every rule. Also, that statement is too general because there are guys who have cheated in past relationships but then meet that one person that changes them and they don't want to screw around anymore. Just saying. (I'm saying guys because op is talking about her husband, the same applies for women, too.)

Fool me once, you can't get fooled again #38

Fool you once, shame on him. Fool you twice, shame on you

'Fool me once, strike one; fool me twice... strike three.' Who can catch the reference? ;)

Rob him of his last cent! Take all the money from the divorce!

I'm sorry 38 but no one deserves to be cheated on. Go bully someone else idiot

Once a cheater, always a cheater......that's so not always the truth, my dad for example, he cheated, and when my mom found out, he felt terrible, they both have been working on the things that led to it in the first place, and he has not cheated again.

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Which is why I dropped one of my gf's the moment I heard she kissed another guy. I wasn't gonna let that happen again.

123- I don't think you know what, exactly, a bully is.

38 isn't saying she "deserved" it. just that she should have known better after it happened once. And 130, he shouldn't have only been sorry because she found out.

If your attractive you can do what you please

38 literally said "you deserved it" so your facts are kinda wrong dude...^^^^^^^^

looks like its more than money that shes accounting for

I hope for the love of God, you have finally learnt to wash this prick right out of your hair OP. Better late than never!! Time to find yourself a real man.

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I guess you can't account on her.

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One more bad pun: I hope you held her accountable.

I'm sure he balanced her bottom line.

well you knew he was a bad debt expense. Should have written him off the first time. Bad puns continue

Don't hold her accountable OP. She certainly Excels at her position.

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I guess shes his sexretary now.

Here comes a stinker: Make sure that **** didn't charge your 'ACOUNT' for her services. Lmfao it's so bad, it's brilliant.

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kick his asset to the curb.

Accountant? More like accountramp! Yes my joke was bad and I should feel bad.

Take pride in your bad joke and where it like a badge, it's not everyday that a bad pun like this could make many laugh!

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Your joke was bad and you should feel bad!

I, for one, thought that friedpwnadge commenting exactly what he she did was exactly what this reply bank needed!

hopefully OP's husband doesnt screw the SEXretary too. yes I know my joke is equally as horrible.

Ugh! No more unfaithfulness! No more!!! >_< Sorry OP, hope you find someone else who deserves you. But I gotta say if he did it once before you should have left at that time!

You should have left him as soon as you found out about him cheating on you the first time. You can find better!

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^^I do believe you were beaten to it by about 50 comments

^^ My bad.. I was beaten to it by about 50 other comments

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I actually didn't see what was wrong with this FML until you pointed it out. Thanks!

Hey, Captain Obvious he is here to help. ;)

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me... I don't think you deserve it, no one deserves that, but you should have been prepared for it. Leave!

I wouldn't be focusing on the bitchiness of the accountant, but on the fact that your husband seems to have no respect for you and your relationship. I think it's time to make some hard decisions...

It takes two to tango. They're both responsible imo. The husband for being a cheating asshole twice, and the accountant for knowing he's married (and how much pain it caused his wife) yet still choosing to bang him.

Looks like she did a damn fine job comforting you both. Just desperately. And at different times. And perhaps even different ways... but then again, you just never know..