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Today, I got fired from my job at a small start-up company. Why? The CEO wanted to give a job to one of his former fraternity brothers who is out of work, and they couldn't afford to keep us both. FML
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You cant compete with a bromance. Don't even try.

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Networking works out for some people I guess.


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Networking works out for some people I guess.

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damn illuminati brotherhood. they took yer job!!

Fortunately for you, McDonald's has other locations.

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Can't blame him. Well you can, but if I could set my mate up with a job over some random guy, I wouldn't even hesitate. Called being a good friend. But if I was in your shoes, they probably wouldn't fit, what size are you?

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Wow, FYL. Goes to show you, life isn't fair. :(

it's not what you know, it's who you know.

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maybe the other guy's just a better worker and their connection has nothing to do with it...

He deserves it more than you. He shouldn't have had to **** that sheep for nothing.

Adelphoi et kardia du bois brotherhood of the heart

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Moron, if you only knew what frat life entails. figure it out.

If only you knew what "fraternity" life entails. You wouldn't call your country a **** would you? Don't do the same to fraternity.

write a book exposing them , sell it and make MILLIONS!!! ^_^ then gloat

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ya unless no one wants to read a book like that, and decides to stop reading after the first page bc most people just don't care, good idea tho

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that's just how it works sometimes I would hope a women in my sorority would do that for me as I would for them some people really need to look at the benefits of joining such societies

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with english skills like that nepotism is really your only chance...

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*i am aware of the irony there, given my grammar. there is however a difference between deliberate shorthand and not knowing what the hell youre doing.

you'd be better off somewhere else where the CEO doesn't shirk his responsibilities!

hey man,, fraternity brothers are for life bro!

Go ******* eat a bag of dicks. First off, it's a "fraternity" not a "frat" and me nor my brothers say "bro," ever. Fraternity men tend to be the political and economical leaders of this country. Get over it.

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Well, life isn't fair all the time...maybe Mr. Frat Boy will turn out to be a sucky worker and you can get back the job that I'm sure you deserve! :)

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Actually depending on the college and I'm guessing mr. Frat boy went to a good one since his friend is CEO of a company frat guys have to have high grades to stay in the fraternity.. I'm not sure all schools are like that but mine is so just because he was in a fraternity doesn't mean he is stupid or a bad worker it actually prolly means the exact opposite

You cant compete with a bromance. Don't even try.