No kinkshaming, but come on…

By anonymous - 06/09/2010 07:37 - United States

Today, after going on a blind date with a man I'd met on Facebook, we went back to his apartment. All was going good, until he took off his pants, only to reveal that he was wearing a diaper. FML
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perdix 29

It was a blind date. Maybe he thought you could be so sexy that he'd. . . Wait on it . . . JIZZ IN HIS PANTS.

that's called catfish! and ydi for going on a blind date with someone you met over fb!


xxochristineox 3


macncheese007 0

hmmm... disability or weird fetish?

don't trust strangers on Facebook weird things happening, hence this fml post fail fyl

I'm confused how is it a "blind" date if you knew him through facebook? I thought blind dates meant you didn't know them?

agree with 20. doesn't make sense but w/e, but maybe op meant friend of a friend on fb, making it a blind date

20: Meeting people through facebook doesn't qualify as knowing them, though. You may know about them, but you don't really know them until you have more personal interaction. For example, I've "met" lots of people here. We may be FML buddies and exchange comments, PMs, email, etc., but we don't "know" eachother, per se. Online, we only let each other see what we want to show of ourselves. IMO, you can't really know someone until you've been in a situation where they can't filter everything you learn about them.

way to move the relationship along. I believe in time.

mona_is_here 10

I think the fact that you had a sexual desire towards someone who wears diapers is much worse than the fact he wears them. And hey! SLUT alert! Don't f*ck on the first date and gain some self-respect. PS. I'm going crazy because it's my fifth attempt to post the same effin comment. :/

tweetbaby14 18

did you raspberry his belly and change him?

calm down 49

20 - I met my boyfriend over FML and fell in love with him even before I met him. So it is possible to know people through the Internet.

Tasanasanta 0

Well put 40

SeedlessMe 13

Thank you, fair Irish maiden for your words of wisdom here... Some of these youngin's definitely need to hear that! =)

mona_is_here 10

54, I'm as cool as a cucumber :D

61 you and I have the same birthday :D

ydi for going on a date from facebook

Thanks, 61 & 63. :] 60: We just have different opinions, then. BTW, I wasn't aware that you met Blue here, so that wasn't intended as a personal jab. My apologies if this double-posts.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Am I the only one who sees the "I he took off his pants"

legonut6 0

LOL! Nice catch there on the grammatical error!

mona_is_here 10

78, yeah, weird... Now, the mystery of the century: who took off his pants?! :D

alliewillie 22

"after going on a blind date with a man met on facebook..." YDI

#40, the point of a blind date is that you are dating someone when you don't know what they look's usually setup by friends, but through facebook you'd assume that at least 1 of them has a profile picture, and has seen what they look like, so therefore can't be a blind date. It'd purely be classed as either being setup by friends, or just a random add where they got talking and decided to date. but anyway, the big question is: considering you were gonna sleep with him on the first date, you should have been ready for anything

theCrispyOstrich 0


that baby just made a baby!!!!!

mexicutioner123 0


lostinlove4u 3

lmao hes a creeeep

SGoodxO68 0


#60, looking at this as a much later commenter, you actually met your ex fiancé here

first yay. lol I don't know how I feel about that.

You're second.

iamsam2 3


hahaha fail, 2.

#2 was just writing it when# 1 posted their commet. they were both poste at 16:01

its always been my dream to be first also -_- its not gonna happen! :'(

O that's so sexy all the hot guys are doing that now :)

He must be a big baby.

JillianlikesVogu 0

Yeah, he's probably one of those creepy roleplayers where he pretends to be a baby.

Is it just me or is your pic you, exposing a disturbingly bare expanse of flesh where your boobs are supposed to be and your hair covering the bee sting excuses for breasts? I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. Watever, free country I know. It just.... bothers me.

JillianlikesVogu 0

59- Oh, I'm so very sorry, let me just grow them out for you a bit. Seriously, what the hell is that? I'm obviously very petite and can't naturally change my breast size (and if I could, I woudn't). Does is ever occur to you that not all men enjoy your big floppy milk sacks? Sometimes less is more.

mona_is_here 10

I like 67's pic, it looks trashy in a good way, like from some fashion magazine :P

americuzz 8

nothing is "trashy in a good way". but her pic is ok. definitely NOT something from a fashion magazine!

je pense che vous etes tres belle mademoiselle ;)

The Pic actually is f*ckin' nice =) (It's a polite f*ckin' ;) )

I think that there is a "trashy in a good way" also and that is a cool pic. and "bee sting breasts" can still look good THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

No, they cant. Also she looks about 13 years old. I wasnt knocking her for having small breasts per se, just saying that her pic is a little slutty. (by slutty, I don't mean it in a good way) Im not a prude or anything, but I think people that put pics up of themselves half naked or provocativly posed is just... distasteful.

JillianlikesVogu 0

116- Yes, they can, and yes, you are a prude. Australians and Americans are both so uptight when it comes to nudity...breasts are breasts. An ass is an ass. That doesnt make anything slutty. I am not fondling them and throwing them at his camera..Tu pouves me sucer la bite, ane..

Ahem, Australians are uptight about nudity?? Are you high? Get your **** out, we dont care, just because one person doesnt want to see you naked doesnt mean a whole county is filled with prudes. I dont know about Americans because I dont live there and dont know any but dont class us all as uptight about nudity.

that's called catfish! and ydi for going on a blind date with someone you met over fb!

What does FB have to do with it?? bull****

luv4music987 0

what's catfish??

74- it's a person met online who says they're someone they're not to decieve an online romance

perdix 29

It was a blind date. Maybe he thought you could be so sexy that he'd. . . Wait on it . . . JIZZ IN HIS PANTS.

brookeec 0

hahahahaha! good one!

I don't get

zxcvbnm321 2

well you obviously don't have male genitalia

vamplove9 0

so the diaper will hold it. nd omg!!! I am listening to tht song!! hahahahaha

Wait 'on' it? Oops, your Southern is showing, perdix. ;)

Come on Jane, can't we put that whole "War of Northern Agression" thing behind us?

perdix 29

Ha, Irish, I never really thought that "wait on it" was a particularly Southern thing. I've always thought of it as a comedian announcing that a fairly predictable punchline was about to be delivered. Using a "wait on it" or two builds up the tension for an otherwise ordinary laugh line.

FYLDeep 25

All of this tension just made me . . . Wait on it . . . JIZZ IN MY PANTS.

people in ny say wait for it

RedPillSucks 31

Jizz in your pants. Jizz in your pants. lookin' like a fool with your **** in your pants

**** u 22 ur annoying

Exactly what I thought. :P

Adman567 9

Jizz in my pants is a song. Listen to it on YouTube it's hilarious!

eharmonee 0

It's a song lol (:

Bahaha ur not supposed to date babies!

now.....RUN.....ctfu!!! it doesn't matter wht it's in just how big it is!!! ctfu (jp) Run

aaand take it away, grammar Nazis!

What does ctfu mean?

kiakia0131 23

cracking the f*ck up (Checked urban dictionary)

lol i really laughed at this one. FYL OP

ydi for jumping into bed with someone you just met. ****.

I concur. Why do people get on here and act all surprised when weird shit happens when they sleep with someone they don't even know?

caliangel 0

Exactly!! How in the hell do people go on dates with people they meet on facebook! That's how you get yourself killed!

I think you jelious no one will get in bed with you

That's terribly sad for him, imagine how much effort he had to put up to show you he's wearing them! It's much more FHL than yours. :-

totally agree with you!

I agree completely