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Today, my hubby and I decided to spice up our sex life and went to an adult toy store. We know too many people in our town, so we drove to one that was 30 mins away. We decided on our items, and went to the check out. Who would have guessed my next door neighbor works there as a cashier? FML
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Oh no! Now your neighbour knows you have a healthy sex life! Whatever will you do? How will you ever live it down? The only solution is to have loud, raucous sex all the time so he knows your purchase was successful.

Hey, you only BOUGHT something from a sex shop. They WORK there. I think you're pretty even!


Oh no! Now your neighbour knows you have a healthy sex life! Whatever will you do? How will you ever live it down? The only solution is to have loud, raucous sex all the time so he knows your purchase was successful.

I'm absolutely astounded that you managed to get the #1 spot with this long a comment.

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I would've been like, '**** it, yep we're buying sex toys what of it'

12- it's easier than you think; you could type a few random letters, and then go and edit it to say what you wanted to say.

#16, But this is Doc. He won't take the easy way out. Ain't nobody got time for that!


On my mobile app, if I come on here and click comment before anyone else has commented, I'll get the first comment no matter how long it takes me to type it out. Or that's what seems to happen, at least.

20- Thank you for saying that. I got bronchitis!

Motion lotion, scented massage oils and a pocket rocket?. . .(no big deal) Anal beads, ball gag, nipple clamps, 12 inch *****?. . .(still no big deal) :P I'm sure your neighbor seen it all but ***I do understand being embarrassed about running into people you know. I also go out of my way to a different Adult store far from town for that same reason. Yes, having sex is a healthy part of your relationship but I'd rather my preferred sex to be "private" between me and my SO. Not everyone needs to know about my kinky side or my bag of tricks I got from Felix the Cat!

Why are the one embarrassed? Your neighbor works at an adult sex store for crying out loud. You may want to try online shopping in the future if it really is a big deal

1, To add to yours, I don't understand the stigma of admitting that a married couple has sex. And they even are getting toys. Having a great sex life with your partner helps just not relationship but also the couple seems to be happier as individuals. Sex is fun, exciting, and is healthy. It really cracks me up that so many people are scared to talk about sex, even with their closest friends.

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Yeah, what 104 says. You went at bought things that are normal to buy. Your friend works at a sex store. If anyone should be more embarrassed, it should be him. "Yeah... I sell sex toys for a living"

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It kind I works out for the best. Now op can get a discount and if the neighbor refuses then use the toys and return them by dropping them off at the neighbors door step.

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104 & 106 - Ouch. I worked at a **** store :( Of course I was 19 at the time. But even if the neighbor is in their 50s so what? **** is practically recession proof.. Great way to make money! Not to mention the employee discount...

105 - i think its more of a privacy issue. I doubt many people who are married will be talking to their friends about their sex every time they do it. It may be brought up once in a while but for me, i would keep it between me and my spouse unless asked.

105 - i think its more of a privacy issue. I doubt many people who are married will be talking to their friends about their sex every time they do it. It may be brought up once in a while but for me, i would keep it between me and my spouse unless asked.

105 - i think its more of a privacy issue. I doubt many people who are married will be talking to their friends about their sex every time they do it. It may be brought up once in a while but for me, i would keep it between me and my spouse unless asked.

Hmm i swear i only clicked the button once...

139, I know everyone can get shy about talking about sex but this particular couple is married. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, they've shown, to their neighbor, they have a healthy sexual relationship and there's nothing wrong with that.

*I can't edit on my phone but I also wanted to point out that this couple only saw their neighbor one time. You pointed out no one wants to talk about their personal sec lives, more than once. That isn't even an issue.

*sex...this is why I need to be able to edit on my phone lol.

151- I don't know if it is that necessary to type a new comment because you typed 'sec' instead of 'sex'. People don't want to be seen in a sexshop buying huge ****** because someone who knows them would probably think about them playing with that *****, at least one second, and that's akward for everyone.

you're a married couple, why does it matter what others think?

And even if they would be not married, what is the problem? Whose life is it, OP's or the nosy neighbours'? What things happen in the bedroom of two adults is, as long as both of them agree with it, only their problem. Nobody else's.

If that's the case, why is everyone so opposed to consenting teens having sex? As long as they're being safe (ie condoms and birth control) I've never seen any issue with it. It has always bothered me that teens and children are treated as less than people, that their opinions don't matter and that they don't have a mind of their own and can't consent to things. Granted children are too young to have sex, but fully mentally capable teens exist, and shouldn't be shamed by hypocrites for doing something completely natural and normal.

All I keep thinking is that the cashier probably has seen plenty of people he/she knows. Seeing that my neighbors have a healthy sex life probably isn't as embarrassing as being the one working at a sex store, in my opinion.

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Because teens who end up pregnant or get teen girls pregnant are not financially capable of caring for a baby. They end up having to drop out of school,and be on welfare. And rarely get out of poverty because of having babies so young.

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And young teens generally don't have the fully developed mental functions to make good long term decisions. Yes, adults screw up their lives all the time but generally are assumed to have the resources to be responsible for their screw ups

Plenty of adults and college age people aren't financially stable enough to support a child and end up on welfare, but no one is opposed to them having sex. And if both birth control and condoms are being used properly, there is over 99.9% effectiveness, a very little risk of pregnancy. And granted yes many teens don't have a firm grasp on the future and the impact of their decisions, many do, and many adults don't think about the future either, most notably one night stands or fuckbuddies.

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73, I got pregnant on birth control. It's not 100% effective, therefor still poses a risk of pregnancy. Teens are way more likely to be unable to financially care for an infant than a responsible adult or college student. College students actually can get a lot of help from universities - the one I went to had a daycare on site and provided private rooms (no roommate) for mothers.

This is all about the age of consent. Here in CZ it is 15 for straight sex, I am not so sure about gay sex, the AoC for that was here 18 yo even when the straight AoC had been 15 as far as I know. I think that 15 is OK, but 18 as in some countries or US states - too high in my opinion. If the teens are mature enough to use a contraception when 16, where is the problem? Let them do it, if it is voluntary. And if they are NOT mature enough, what use is punishing them by putting them in the jail or what can await them for having sex when 16 or 17 years old? And maybe putting them on sex offenders list, I do not know the US laws well, being from Europe? Ruining their life for some voluntary sex when they were 17? Come on...

15 is far too young for sex... you're just a kid... it's 17 here which I think is fine. The law is someone under the age of consent isn't old enough to provide consent therefore it's rape. It's a bit ridiculous but just keep it in your pants till you're old enough.

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15-I'm 17, and I have a 4 month daughter. I'm in my senior year of high school, and I'm not dropping out. Her father graduated last year, and went on with his dream to be in the military. The statistics aren't always right. Not all teen parents drop out of school. All of the teen parents I know, either graduated from high school, or are still in high school, working their asses of to graduate.

I don't understand why teen pregnancy/parents is an argument against teen sex. Most teens are fully capable of using protection and if pregnancy does occur, then it's their choice to keep it or not; that's what abortions are for. Age of consent is 16 here, but a lot of people start having sex younger than that. Most people I know started at 14/15, and none of them ended up pregnant. Don't criticise the majority for the stupidity of the minority!

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You mean that's what murders are for right?

79, you missed the point. I agree with the overall point you're making, that most teens are not mentally, economically, or sometimes even physically prepared to deal with the consequences of sex, but your premises are wrong. 99.9% effective means that there will be anomalies like you, but you can't use your own case as a model for all people. MOST people who correctly use condoms and birth control will NOT get pregnant. Also, there's always the possibility that you didn't use a condom or didn't use the birth control correctly (perhaps you were taking another medication at the time... maybe you switched birth controls and got pregnant in the gap... etc.) You don't give enough information for your point to be even semi-valid. Other reasons why pregnancy is not a good argument: abortions and adoption exist, and it doesn't apply to gay sex or non-vaginal sex. :P Just stick to the mental aspects and the other physical aspects of sex (like STDs), people.

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The reason teenagers having sex is frowned upon is because if they do get pregnant, their bodies usually aren't physically able to handle a pregnancy. Not that they will have a miscarriage, but it does screw with a young teens body. I personally don't think young teens should have sex. They may be able to think for themselves and all that, but I have had sex a couple of times and I regret every one of them. Young teens aren't mature. Especially in the U.S.

#163: If young teens are not physically mature to have sex, why Mother Nature allows young teen girls to menstruate? One would think "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed"? Yes, I know it is not so simple and young teen girls sure are not mature enough to give birth, but - did Mother Nature make a mistake then?

Teenagers are not mentally prepared for sex (not all, but some) they have these laws so for example a 53 year old creep can't talk a 13 year old child to have sex with him and when it comes out defend himself by saying it was consentual.

Hey, you only BOUGHT something from a sex shop. They WORK there. I think you're pretty even!

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My thought exactly! I've been sneered at by some of the girls that work in the sex shop that I go to, and I just remember that they sell ****** and anal beads for a living.

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It's just a job that pays the bills.

I don't see the problem. Sounds like an okay job to me.

Better than OP buying a porno and seeing her neighbor starring in the video.

I have a cousin who works at one and her main reason is that she has the attitude to deal with any creeps who come in (and they're allowed to act however they want towards the customers generally) and the pay is really good according to her. It's not even I'd think if anything they wouldn't care.

I know right? The neighbor should be embarrassed that her neighbors now know hat she makes a living at a sex shop.

You shouldn't care what others think. You're a married couple and you should be able to do what you want and feel is necessary for your marriage.

I'm definitely one of the weirder people here when I say I don't mind sex stores at all. it's just like a bookstore or another specialty store to me. I go in them all the time; it's not a big deal to me cause the people are there to help you. hell, I've met people I knew before at sex stores too. it's not awkward for me at all, and my first sex store was a bondage one. everyone is different though. it took my boyfriend a long time to go in with me, so I get that it's not the easiest for most people. Fml-ers, what makes it so awkward for you guys?

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So, you're got dirt on him if he ever tries to bring it up. I'd rather be seen shopping at a sex store than working there.

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What's the difference? Selling or buying you are still in contact with the products! This OP felt it necessary to go out of her way to keep her private business private, in big part to people who think as u do, just now about the employee vs customer. Exposure is exposure.

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Exposure? We're talking about sex toys, not radiation.

Why are we already trying to counter black mail the neighbor? I bet he's seen quite a few people he knows in the store as it is.

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it's the same with any small town. Here you can't pick your nose without everyone knowing haha

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Who cares what they think? You're a married couple that has sex, it's not that big of a deal.

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No big deal, lol. Enjoy it. It's more of an fml for your neighbor to work there.

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"Today my next door neighbors came into the sex store I work at. I guess I'll be hearing lots of loud sex from now on. FML" :)

I honestly cannot stand the reverse point of view FML thing. They're not funny at all.

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54- well put, and 63, nice to meet you, buzz killington, lol.