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Today, my husband got some junk mail. My grandma brought the mail in and let my 5-year-old open it because it was just junk. It turns out it was a catalog from an adult toys shop. FML
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Sounds like your kid saw some real "Junk" ;)

Have fun explaining to your kid what everything is


Have fun explaining to your kid what everything is

tantanpanda 26

They're so young you don't really need to explain to them. They can just say 'no we're not getting that' or 'I don't know what it is' to avoid any awkwardness

But that creates more curiosity. A lot of young children want something because their parents say no. So just explain that it makes people feel good but only works on adults.

16, the kid is five, not three. At that age they are way more persistent and want to know exactly what everything is, even when they perfectly understand that you are not going to purchase an item. Yeah, answering all the questions is certainly going to be fun.

Don't see why I got downvoted. That's a full proof plan.

KryssLB 14

Meh. "Never mind about it; it's something for adults that isn't appropriate for kids." That's all I did until my kids were old enough for more details. Worked fine.

What the hell kind of adult toy shop has he money and time to mail out catalogs?

payge9182 7

The adult toy business is worth about $15 billion. I think they can afford to send out catalogs.

tootimid is one. They send every thing in white boxes and envelopes that give absolutely no clues as to what's inside. It's nice to have the option to order stuff without your kids knowing what it is or seeing the catalog when it comes.

1) Let him order the ones he thinks look "fun". 2) Teach him how to use them. 3) ??????????? 4) Get arrested you sicko, using adult toys on children. 5) See step 1

Sounds like several different conversations will be happening very soon.

Hopefully he'll forget about it soon.

I don't think he ever will, when I was 4-5 I found my brother's adult movies, the covers of the dvd packages were pretty graphic, I'm 19 and havent forgot

dman798 18

Hopefully he's too young to catch on

"Mommy, i want this"! *buys kid a *****

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Just use the flashy thing from men in black