By Anonymous - United States
Today, I decided to make pancakes from scratch. I poured the batter in my Perfect Pancake pan. Then I told my brother who was watching, "This is so easy. Just watch." I burned 15 pancakes, including the one I dropped on the burner, which lit on fire, causing the alarm to go off. FML
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  easylazy  |  0

Yea this is definitely not an FML
It would only be funny if the pancake lit on fire and fell down your pants or something and gave you a third degree burn on your crotch or permanently burned off your pubes
But otherwise, this is no biggie

  jncwmnd  |  0

LOL..and wow #13 you cant take a joke?
OP-who the hell taught you how to cook? Turn down the heat next time..I hope your brother made fun of you =p