By bigbum - 04/11/2012 09:50 - Australia - Glenroy

Today, my boyfriend of two years proposed to me. It would have been great if he weren't drunk with a naked girl next to him. FML
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feldco1 17

Drunk words are sober thoughts? Not sure if it helps at this point though.


feldco1 17

Drunk words are sober thoughts? Not sure if it helps at this point though.

I think it was probably less, "I want to marry this girl," and more, "SHIT! How do I get out of this situation?!"

**** drinking. I don't drink. Most crap doesn't taste better than a nice cold glass of creme soda. I'd like to drink things that don't screw up your brain and turn you stupid. Even though I would be a responsible drinker I wouldn't bother with it because I can't just drink a gallon of beer and be okay like I can any soda. Drinking always triggers an fml. Does nobody learn from these? Btw, someone with the smell of alcohol on them is not someone you want to hang around.

are you sure you don't want a drink? you look pretty thirsty up there on your high horse.

Drinking doesn't always lead to an FML. Just saying. I've been around quite a few people who got drunk, were plenty socialable, and had a blast without being dipshits.

decidedlyvague 11

I haven't developed any vices in my life, I live in my parents basement, and I realized the only thing holding me back is my inability to take risks, and my avid expenditures on 'cream' soda. FML

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58 sounds like he's trying to convince himself not to drink lol

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58 - you do know that soda can be just as bad as beer. Worse in some forms, having very high sugar levels is a more detrimental to your health that average alcohol content. A normal human being can happily drink 5 or 6 pints of beer on a Friday night without lasting damage. I'm guessing your from the US, so your soda would be classed as an energy drink over here in the UK, on average these contain 70-150% of your daily intake of sugar, per 500ml (in one case 300% per 100ml), scale that up to 6 pints and that's about 400% rda of sugar. Not that in defending alcohol or anything, it's just that if you're worried about health, soda is a big no.

I love my boyfriend too. Unfortunately his initials are the same as bieber. I can't say I love JB. I love Josh B instead :)

If I remember correctly, she loves Justin Bieber because he came to visit her in the hospital. And even if she just loves his music that much, why does that give anyone the right to bully her? Some of you need to grow up.

60 - 16 and in love? I'll give it a week...

85- I'm 16 and engaged. Please, give some of the younger generation some respect?

Dairyking 8

87 - Being engaged to someone doesn't mean you know what you're doing. If you're not already pregnant and the two of you do get married, I'll give it until you're 21, at best.

89- I'm pretty sure I'm of sound mind and body. I know what I'm doing. I'm not pregnant and don't plan on being for at least another 6 years, though probably longer than that because why have a kid when I'm still a kid? See, I don't think you can make that call seeing as how you don't know me, but hey, if you want to go off being all judgemental and cynical, be my guest. But having known my fiancé for the best part of 9 years, being best friends with him, and all the shit we've been through together, I'd say we'll last a lot longer than your estimate. Thanks for your opinion though.

85, just because they are teenagers does not mean they don't know what love is. I would not have gotten engaged at 16, but that does not give me the right to judge anyone else for doing so. What she does with her love life affects you minimally, at best, so why do you care so much?

Sorry, I meant to include 89 in my comment as well.

decidedlyvague 11

It's not real love unless it survives college.

It might survive college and then die out. Or they could decide not to go to college.

ObsceneOblivion- well said :) I wish you all the best, Congrats on being engaged!

You know what? Don't listen to any of the people talking down to you! At. 15 I met my fiancé and we got engaged at 18 now were 21 an we've moved in together. We plan on focusing on our career and then getting married and having kids so I definitely believe in you! Congrats and stick it through because you guys will be growing up together so it's a great kind of love.

Awwww, thanks 109 & 110, I've been with him for nearly three years anyway so I have a lot of faith in our relationship :)

Yinky 6

Maybe they both went to a strip club together for the first time. Being drunk the boyfriend may have thought the girlfriend was enjoying the experience when really she wasn't but hid her emotions well. Boyfriend being happy and drunk says I love you and will you marry me.

Highly unlikely. And still constitutes as an FML- what a pathetic proposal!

Don't wanna know where the ring was...

Inheritance 10

*Cough* penis *cough* oh wait you didn't want to know.. Ok then, my apologies..

FHL again if her boyfriend can fit an engagement ring on his penis.

RpiesSPIES 27

Alcohol is an inhibitor, though (if I spelled it correctly). Not really hard to get a ring on a... You know. Darn my lack if subtlety.

alcohol is exactly the opposite of a inhibitor. moron

flipfloperson 5

This annoyed me too! FML mods please sort this out!

I'm so glad someone pointed it out so I didn't have to.

That's when you tell him. Crying that your pregnant with his child. And then after he freaks out say. Ah just kidding but we're done bye. And then find you someone whose not a jerk. Happy hunting.

I fail to see how he is a jerk. He was probably planning to purpose to her when he is sober but couldn't get the courage. So when he got drunk he purposed. Not in the way he wanted to but he couldn't stop himself.

Pretty sure the jerk part comes in because of naked girl beside him. Also, playing the pregnant card is disgusting and never acceptable. It's just wrong.

9 - Can you. Please learn how. To. Properly use a. Period?

Aha so it's okay to cheat but playing the 'pregnant' card is unacceptable. Really liking your logic

Can. You. Please. Not. Be. A. Grammar. Nazi. Thanks. Besides I'm on my iPhone, so it adds periods accidentally.

39 - It's not me being a Grammar Nazi, it's using proper English. Also, I am on my iPhone as well, next time come up with a better excuse.

She was correcting your punctuation, not your grammar, and she was being very lenient in her correction. You also wrote "whose" instead of "who's," and "your" instead of "you're."

36- nobody said it's okay to cheat, but come on, lying about being pregnant? That's the most pathetic excuse to get a guy to stay, and it's not genuine if he does try to stay. YOU aren't genuine if you lie to get someone to stay, even if you're going to dump them.

36- Just quit while you're behind. What you had to say was stupid and how you said it was stupid.

Just quit while your behind? Aha funny. The thing is no one seems to see what I was saying they all took bits and pieces of what I said and twisted it into their own interpretation and meaning.

93 Haven't you heard? This is the Internet, where everyone loves to pick fights over petty things, and you initiated the fight by responding. Haven't you seen the" do not feed the trolls" signs? They are everywhere! And even though people are picking apart your comment like carrion birds over a dead zebra, your comment was ill made, and the "oh, I'm pregnant" card is never acceptable, on any occasion. Welcome to the Internet honey, it's a very scary and dirty place, and you will never be as you were before you found it...

OP shouldn't stoop to his level and pretend she's pregnant is all that # is trying to say, #

Considering you wrote "would of" and "wasn't" instead of "weren't", I'm assuming you were drunk when you wrote this. And now the mods will edit the FML to make sure I look like an idiot.

Hell, Doc, they were all drunk together in one massive naked party and wild shit we can't even imagine happened!

Thank you Doc. I thought I was the only one that gets annoyed when someone uses "wasn't" instead of "weren't"

The subjunctive form isn't very commonly used in English so I think it's one of the more tolerable mistakes though.

olpally 32

And how did this naked girl end up next to him while he was proposing to you? Hangover part 3? Lol.

My wild guess is that he was having drunk sex with the naked chick. His girlfriend walked in on them, he panicked and proposed.

olpally 32

Seems legit, thanks pikachu cat :D

If he is a member of a hash house harrier running club this would make sense.