By fuck off, eh! - 07/03/2014 21:25 - Canada - Milton

Today, my hippy nutjob of a roommate threw a bitch fit at me, all because he saw me chopping down a tree in Minecraft. FML
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Maybe he's just more of a cobblestone kind of guy.

You deserve it for living with a hippie. Next time just punch him in the face.


Maybe he's just more of a cobblestone kind of guy.

Just tell your roommate for every tree you cut down, you'll plant 2 (or more) saplings!

badluckalex 23

nahhh. op deserves it for playing minecraft. that game is terrible

asnakelovinbabe 16

Please tell me what's so terrible about it. I'm anxious to hear. Because from a non-biased standpoint it's a pretty well-made game that does exactly what it was designed to do.

Sometimes you don't get saplings from cutting down a tree. ;P

erm, well#26, I don't really enjoy the game, I mean the fact that you have no limits and u are free to do whatever you imagine of it's amazing, but I didin't really enjoy myself playing it, so it's really a matter of personal perspective

there is goals.. try make it to the end and fight the Dragon.. there is goals, but it gives you more things to do but aim to defeat the boss, which makes it amazing.

asnakelovinbabe 16

49, what I am saying is that, whether or not you personally don't enjoy a game doesn't matter... That isn't what makes it a terrible game.

Animals-nature humans-not nature. Hippie logic

Your goals are what you want them to be. You can do whatever you want, that's the beauty of Minecraft.

You deserve it for living with a hippie. Next time just punch him in the face.

Do what men have been doing for thousands of years and PUNCH THE HIPPIE!

"You punch 'da trees to get 'da wood. You get 'da wood to make 'da cabin."

Why the **** does he deserve it? Have you never heard of random roommate selection?

I would refuse to live with a hippie.

inner_peace 19

What's the obsession with that game?

Uh its amazing? You think it isn't and then you play it and you love it. I used to think it was dumb then I played it and really like it

inner_peace 19

I've played it off and on for 6 months. it sucked.

SrgntSprnkls77 15

it used to be awesome, but since Notch (creator) has given the lead seat to a diferent guy so he can work on another game, it has taken a turn to the worst.

It's like having a giant virtual box of Legos, and you have all the cool Legos, like the ones with spinny-parts :)

LeaAnne94 17

I thought the same thing, now I'm addicted to it.

skipper2009 18

Nothing, nothing is great about it. Waste of time and money.

TheKittiesTitays 8

I have been wondering that for so long

How the hell has it took a turn for the worst? Is improving the game's performance and adding a lot of awesome new stuff all the time a bad thing? Dinnerbone and Jeb and the other mojang guys have improved it so much, because they serve to all the different communities of the game, the survivors, the adventurers, the red stoners, the map makers, the builders, and they are even serving to the modding community by adding new modding API. They are actually able to listen to our feedback and know what we want out of the game. So tell me, how is all that a turn for the worst?

You are probably just playing the single player and creative side to it. Find a nice server to play on, it's much better with friends.

doodlebear0414 6

I agree I think its stupid.... every single ******* thing is square!!!!!

I used to think the only people that played it were nerds, but now I love it :D best game ever

Lol I love how nobody is talking about the hippie overreacting and everyone is arguing about Minecraft. Next thing you know, someone is gonna try to advertise their server on here XD

Coeliacchic93 21

#56 I thought the same! my boyfriend introduced me to it and I was 'thats nice sweetheart' now I absolutely LOVE the game. The possibilities are endless! we started playing on a good server and it's so much better playing with other people!

@51 diamonds, coal and bread (most food) come to mid as non-square objects. But I have to concede, that the square water is odd..

They are cubes. Not squares. The graphics makes it fun. Like you are in a box of Legos. If you don't like it, shut up and then stop being a whiny prick.

joesaysfitall 8

you live with a moron, tell him to stop doing acid and grow up op

So just because he is a "hippy" he is automatically a drug addict?

Yes i agree with #22, just because the person is a hippie doesn't automatically make them a drug addict. You'd be surprised at all the well put together people that are in fact drug addicts.

altough I agree #32, if the respective person throws this kind of fits just for chopping a tree in a virtual environment then he is either high or severely stupid.

I don't know op was it the roomates tree if so don't mess up other peoles plant life

nettrol 19

I understand that its in minecraft thats what i meant

you can own a tree in minecraft pricks. he could have planted a tree and told him not to chop it down.

immunetoinsanity 23

Did you forget to yell timber??

Doesn't he know that trees can regrow in a day In minecraft?

Coeliacchic93 21

use bonemeal, it will grow in a few seconds!

Less than a second actually, pretty much instantaneously.


Your pic is perfect for the comment

Not instantly, 77. It actually takes like 5 minecraft days. It does take a few seconds with bone meal though.

You punch the tree to get the wood, you get the wood to build a cabin.

Lmfao!!! I loved that South Park episode "there is no point to this game you're just building s*** and trying to break down s*** that someone else has built"

"Now that you have a workbench, you're going to have to do something about all those ******* SHEEP!" In TSOT there's a message board with reference to a bunch of episodes, and one says 'call this number to learn how to tame a horse in Minecraft' XDDD the game is just hysterical

I don't mind when people think differently then me, but that's bullshit.

Plant a bean stalk in his room and send his ass flying!