By Oops - 10/06/2013 11:22 - United States

Today, my friend got dumped. I wanted to say, "You must be devastated", thinking, "That really sucks." I said, "You must really suck." FML
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Open mouth, insert foot.

perdix 29

If she did really suck, she wouldn't have gotten dumped ;)


Open mouth, insert foot.

Honest mistake OP. Happens to everyone.

Wizardo 33

Freud would be proud...

It does happen! Hopefully your friend understands and you were able to backtrack and recover nicely. Gotta love that awkward moment after....ughhhh!

kim_larsa 5

*twinkles toes*

A translation for OP - Open foot, insert mouth

Lol looks like yøu were the one who sucked lol

This really sucks! Sorry OP

I'm not sure if its already been said, but there's a button for that.

24 - I'm not sure if it's already been said, but you don't have to be a dick about it.

I think you came off more as a dick than 24, #37

I think you came off as more of a dick than 37 being a dick to 24, #50

50 - Good job, your understanding of sarcasm and human nature is outstanding.

Ouch, slip of the tongue...I hope you explained it afterwards! D:

Yeah, bc I'm sure if you did, It is understandable. Little tongue tied. Nbd

perdix 29

If she did really suck, she wouldn't have gotten dumped ;)

Not if she sucked at sucking ;)

Oh, dammit perdix! Got there before me, you did.

perdix 29

#10, Amen to that! #17, sorry ;)

The thinker must really start to think less and do more

Thank you #6 for reading my mind

Should make for a chuckle, tell his ass to cheer up, drink water and drive on with a hard on

OP is female, although the same can be applied except the last is replaced with a lady boner

JoeGrant 12

Freudian slips - they'll get you every time.

i hope your friend understands

This really devastating

On the contrary, if your friend could really suck, I doubt she would've been dumped in the first place.