By Oops - 10/06/2013 11:22 - United States

Today, my friend got dumped. I wanted to say, "You must be devastated", thinking, "That really sucks." I said, "You must really suck." FML
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perdix 29

If she did really suck, she wouldn't have gotten dumped ;)


Honest mistake OP. Happens to everyone.

Wizardo 33

It does happen! Hopefully your friend understands and you were able to backtrack and recover nicely. Gotta love that awkward moment after....ughhhh!

A translation for OP - Open foot, insert mouth

Lol looks like yøu were the one who sucked lol

I'm not sure if its already been said, but there's a button for that.

24 - I'm not sure if it's already been said, but you don't have to be a dick about it.

I think you came off more as a dick than 24, #37

I think you came off as more of a dick than 37 being a dick to 24, #50

50 - Good job, your understanding of sarcasm and human nature is outstanding.

Ouch, slip of the tongue...I hope you explained it afterwards! D:

Yeah, bc I'm sure if you did, It is understandable. Little tongue tied. Nbd

perdix 29

If she did really suck, she wouldn't have gotten dumped ;)

Oh, dammit perdix! Got there before me, you did.

perdix 29

#10, Amen to that! #17, sorry ;)

The thinker must really start to think less and do more

JoeGrant 12

Freudian slips - they'll get you every time.

On the contrary, if your friend could really suck, I doubt she would've been dumped in the first place.

Aw. Sorry to your friend. But she probably understood when you explained what you meant to say.