By Bad footwear choice - Canada - Whitby
Today, both my flip flops broke when I left the pool. Since I was getting on the bus soon, I didn't think it was a big deal, but when it came the driver said that I couldn't get on without shoes and drove off. I walked barefoot for over an hour downtown to get home. FML
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  wHSKitty  |  11

I got on the bus once with just my socks and leg braces on (my shoes had slipped off and I dint have time to put them back on before the bus arrived.)

  ashwednesday  |  12

We don’t have enough details. I don’t know about Ontario’s labour laws, but I know it is a pain in the ass to hire anyone under the age of 16 in my neck of the Canadian woods. If OP is young and his/her parents are anything like mine, he/she might have only had enough money for the pool and the bus.

By  Celestyna  |  16

This is why flip flops are meant to be for the beach and the shower, not to wear casually and have everyone being forced to stare at your ugly monkey feet. Feet should be covered in public, feet are feral. Serves you right.