By maddie - 06/11/2013 05:06 - United States - Austin

Today, I discovered that the guy I've been seeing is a firm supporter of the Westboro Baptist Church. FML
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Everyone here will tell you to dump him now. Do NOT dump him. Those people are a special kind of insane, and you have a unique opportunity to find out why. And then you can sabotage the shit out of them.

Time to ditch him. You don't want him picketing anywhere ya!


Time to ditch him. You don't want him picketing anywhere ya!

Personally, though I wouldn't date a WBC member I find their entire operation quite laughable! I mean, do they seriously think they're going to get people to convert by picketing? They couldn't even get their ******* kids to listen to them! It's only a matter of time before those old ******* die out or get lynched and everyone forgets about them...

43 - That's very ignorant of you. They picket at public events so they can make the news. When seen on the news, people with similar views are drawn to them. That is why they receive a flow of new members. They're not converting, only publicizing.

No, they just anger people to the point of assault so they can sue for money. Woo.

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Run run far away! And do not go to their web page, they get more money when people do that

The West Burrow Cult doesn't allow new members. You have to marry into the family and they all live on the same piece of land. Hence being a cult. Nor are they real followers of God and give all believers a bad reputation. Regardless of other people's beliefs I would never tell someone God hates them or who they are because I don't have any right to judge anyone. Those animals are worse than scum and abuse the laws of this great country. Drop that guy like a bag of weed.

#81 why would you drop a bag of weed? If someone dropped a bag of weed I'd snatch it up and run faster than you could ******* blink!

You do realize that technically every religion is a cult, right #106?

What is so bad about goin to a babysit church...?

No one likes them because of their stupid thoughts towards women and gays and they should recognize that and take their picketing somwhere else

Nothing could be farther from the truth. A religion is just a belief with multiple people who believe it

no guys they're right all religions are cults hence all christians living on the same plot of land. wait...they don't?

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I will forever not like them. After everything they have said and done to my community. When the 19 hotshots died and they said God sent the fire to burn them. Or how they say God kills all the soldiers and they'll burn in hell.... No. I can not stand them. Not will I ever try to understand or like them. They do not deserve it.

Do you guys mean like stealing stuff from peoples pockets? Because in Australia we say pick pocketing and I'm not too sure

Run, do not walk away from that! Men are like buses. Another one will come along in a few minutes. Wait for one without all the baggage.

Your profile picture is fitting with the reaction

More like women are like buses, you just got to wait for the right one to ride

Everyone here will tell you to dump him now. Do NOT dump him. Those people are a special kind of insane, and you have a unique opportunity to find out why. And then you can sabotage the shit out of them.

JThumbs up to you Doc. Anyone who thumbs you down again is clearly a supporter of that "church", if you can even call it that. Even overbearing pacifists are more respectful than those pricks are. Hell, I'd rather have a Witness come to my door than someone from Westboro and we all know how annoying they can be (no offense intended but you know it's true).

Always the evil genius, great plan doc, witness' are next >:)

Idk doc. remember that reporter that went undercover to find some answers and ended up converting his whole family? dangerous territory.

Actually an amazing idea. I don't know why, maybe because Westboro made me really angry but I started watching a lot of their interviews and protests as well as reading up on them and I never could understand their way of thinking. I'm 100% straight but I'm a strong supporter of gay rights, feminism (to a certain extent; I'm not a bra burner and I don't want female superiority) and anti-racism and to see the closed-minded mentality and downright hatred that these people have infuriates me. #34 I heard about him. Never got why that happened given that he went into the interview (like most other reporters) thinking they were insane. Anyways, I say go for the sabotage.

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Ask him to join you in a threesome. With another man. Who's in the military. See how far he runs. Just try to resist the temptation to kick him in the backside as he does.

Very bad idea there all lawyers and very good manipulators and brainwashers the OP should stay away

42- Feminism doesn't mean bra burning or female superiority, just equality between men and women. So if you support that, then you are a feminist.

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**** the Westboro Baptist church. And yeah 69, I can fully agree to that.

#42 and 34 I have never heard of that. Do you have like any links to the article?

Yeeessssss and inside job i like it, i like it alot!!!!!

That term came about because there were people who did feel that women should be put over men, and they resorted to drastic measures in order to "help" their cause. So technically a feminist is someone who would take such actions #69.

21 yeah a real church will tell you that you are going to hell if you die in the army.

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Eh -- it's not your job to fix the world. Dump the moron and move on with your life.

I watched them a little while ago- he does such a great job with his documentaries. It was crazy how one of the members of the church is actually an former bbc reporter... I really wonder how they convinced him to join them.

#69: I know but I've come to realize that some people have very firm opinions on feminism so I prefer to explain that I'm not some extremist. Should have clarified, that's on me! :)

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Their picketing is often pointless or incredibly inconsiderate. **** them.

They would probably sue her if she tried to sabotage them. These people are even more sue-happy than the "Church" of Scientology. There are some things that should be automatic one-strike-you're-out dumping offenses, and supporting a cult like this is one.

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I totally agree. My fathers are homosexual and I used to get shit for it in middle school - heck, I even got a C- from my pre-algebra teacher in 6th grade because of it. People like them make my blood boil - I even wrote a short story starring Fred Phelps and his wife. I know it's a bit off-topic, but I hope this excerpt brings a smile to people's faces: '"The only good you’re ever going to do for the world is what I’m about to help you with – broadcasting a message,” Logan told him. “What message? I’ll do anything! Just-just let me live!” Fred begged. The pitiful wails of the man made Logan cringe. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Phelps. The message is going to be your carcass!” Logan said, grabbing Fred by the neck and tossing him into a display case of vases. Blood poured out of Phelps’ nose and gashes appeared along his face from the shards of shattered glass. He tried to crawl away, but his body wouldn’t budge. All he could do is howl in pain as Logan picked him up by the neck once more. Logan drew one of his daggers, slicing along the outside of Fred’s leg. He quickly flicked the blade in the other direction, rending flesh as the blade traveled through the man’s torso. Logan proceeded to pull out the second dagger, stabbing it deep into Phelps’ stomach. He heard a muffled gurgling noise as blood built up in Fred’s mouth, pouring out onto the floor. To make sure the first step was finished, Logan slit the man’s throat, leaving him to collapse in a pool of his own blood.'

#230: we can all agree that the WBC is awful and we hate them; that however was disturbing. I'm scared now.

I wouldn't want him to die that way or by any other sort of violence; he'd be a martyr. I'd rather he go for the old massive heart attack or stroke that drops him in his tracks. But apparently neither god nor the devil want to claim him, so he lives on. And yeah, that's really ******* disturbing.

Don't think sabotaging them would be that easy. Like you said... a special kind of insane. They're like the Hills Have Eyes family... just a whole lot bigger. O_o

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How did you not figure that out sooner? Just because they make their beliefs so well known I assume that he would be flamboyant too..

Sorry to here that! Of you really like him I'm sure you can work something out.

No! There is no "working things out" with these people! Run, OP! Ruuuun!

don't deny Mr.Freeman's advice. *bows apologetically*

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And just for that #9, your Morgan Freeman card is revoked!

A bit sad that this is thumbed down. Agreeing with those insane people doesn't mean the boy is completely bad. As long as OP respects his beliefs and he's respectful of hers, then there's a chance they could work. You can have some insane beliefs and still be respectful of others regardless of what church you support. Just like how some Christians don't believe homosexuality is right but still show respect and believe everyone should be equal because they don't believe it's right to force their beliefs onto others.

Unfortunately I seriously doubt that they'll be able to figure things out. It's one thing if your partner just has a different religion than you... but in this case, what her boyfriend believes probably completely contradicts her own sense of morals (hence why she wrote the fml)... I don't think she should have to respect someone who supports a belief which seriously hurt others.

I believe in everybody having their own beliefs and rights as long as it doesn't interfere with other peoples beliefs and rights.