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By David - 15/08/2020 17:07

Today, I was at work and got chest pains and a headache so bad, I vomited. My supervisor took my blood pressure twice and it was dangerously high both times. I went to the hospital, and after 3 hours of waiting, I got the most expensive lecture ever on drinking too many energy drinks. FML
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It_gets_better 18

Sounds like you needed the expensive lecture though, buddy.

What do you do for work?


Switch to vodka

What do you do for work?

How do energy drinks cause high blood pressure?

it's that energy drinks are a powerful cocktail stimulants thus raising heart rate and blood pressure, more than 3 large energy drinks in a 12-hour period can cause multiple different types of heart issues.

Listen to the doctor

It_gets_better 18

Sounds like you needed the expensive lecture though, buddy.

Been there, really try and find a lifestyle change that makes you less dependent on energy drinks. It sucks but 8 hours of quality sleep is pretty nonnegotiable.

Never ignore the fine print. Even during a commercial.

wysegirl 22

How ignorant can you be to not know the dangers of energy drinks? Know your limits! You deserved that lecture.

Good God, how many of those nasty things did you drink? You know they're not good for you, right? Well, I mean, I guess you do now...

YDI. Sure, drinking an energy drink every so often is okay but you must be chugging them. I have a friend who did that... he is having all his teeth removed in two weeks at the ripe old age of 28 because his teeth are rotting out of his skull due to the energy drinks.