By sadgirl - 10/06/2013 18:14 - United States - Conway

Today, my grandpa pointed me out to one of his friends, saying, "Yeah, she's the ugly one." FML
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Just reply: "Yup, I got my looks from you".


Thread jacking since the other guy isn't here. FML needs an old person category, get it done Alan.

MichellinMan 20

Kick his hip as hard as you can. Old man won't come back from that.

If he were blind, he wouldn't be able to point at OP. ;)

kim_larsa 5

She should say "that's not what you said last night *winks*"

#61 wtf thats her grandpa thats just weird

kim_larsa 5

her grandpa and anyone else that saw that would probably never talk to her again.

#61 don't forget to add, *slaps grandpa's ass...

MEM0817 18

Kim- I'm not sure how you guys do it over in Rancho Cordova, but typically, incest is frowned upon. Your comment was just plain creepy...but I'm even more taken back by the fact you don't see what's wrong with your comment...

Maybe you don't apply yourself to your looks so ydi!?

Point back and say "yeah, he's the bald, grumpy one."

rg350dx 29
Wizardo 33

Jump out from behind a corner and exact your revenge OP, it might even make his heart start pumping again, cold bastard.

I cannot find a silver lining to this, I apologize buut guess who's getting into a shitty elderly home! :)

RpiesSPIES 27

The silver lining: Both (assuming OP and 1 sibling) are both good looking, but her grandpa says she's the ugly one when meaning uglier... Not a good one, but still a potential silver lining ;) Also, seeing your edit, that's dirty revenge if that's all he's done :(

Maybe he was bragging: "look how pretty she is! and she's the UGLY one!"

Not to mention she will eventually be in an elderly home too

Sounds like you have a loving grandfather there.

Just reply: "Yup, I got my looks from you".

I love old people who don't sensor themselves.

iLike2Teabag 27

My hipster grandpa puts on motion sensors every day when he goes and records the animation for the newest skateboarding video game. He likes to sensor himself I think you mean censor.

Well darn I always triple check my comments but just looked dumb this time. Oh well you live and you learn.

noobpwn12321 6

Atleast you don't have someone that has to clean your shit like he does

gameofthrones_fml 12

Yeah, which sucks by the way. Respect for any caregiver that has to wipe grumpy old men's asses, like OP's grandfather.

RedPillSucks 31

plus, OP could be the one that has to clean his shit.

What a sweet and loving grandfather you've got there..

"The pretty wishes the luck of the ugly." Maybe what he said is true, maybe it is not. Who cares! Attitude makes the difference.