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Today, I called in to my girlfriend's favorite radio station to propose. After spending what seemed like an eternity telling her how much I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, she took a deep breath, said, "How about no?" and hung up. FML
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JackeeDawn 9

It's okay OP... Atleast it's not a tv station you went on, nobody seen your face when she said no

I give you props for trying to be original, OP. Dont worry, you'll find the right gal.


JackeeDawn 9

It's okay OP... Atleast it's not a tv station you went on, nobody seen your face when she said no

30, I don't think he was correcting 13 in his correction, I think he was just fixing his mistake and it was auto-capitalized.

And my comment posted in the wrong spot...apologies.

Maybe this is not how she wanted to get proposed ?

Good point... and a lesson for the future. Guys, keep your proposals private. What's the point in inviting a bunch of unknown people into this precious moment? When my boyfriend proposed to me, he was planning to do it in a restaurant, due to some circumstances, it didn't happen and he did it at home. I appreciated much more to share this moment with him only and not surrounded by strangers.

It really does suck for you, OP, but I'm just wondering how people get their proposals rejected. I mean, don't they discuss the prospect of marriage with their significant other and try and find out their position on marriage before popping the question? I think that one could find out where their partner's opinion on marriage lies before making a proposal. At least that'd save them from an awkward rejection.

PugDelatorre 11

She still doesn't have to be a bitch about it

That's a cringey way to propose...

What does cringey mean in this sentence? Cheap, lazy, gross, stupid? (I'm actually asking)

alshygirl 14

I'm guessing #2 would rather have the ring box thrown at her and told by her boyfriend to put it on like in a previous fml. XD

She Should be thankful someone actually gives a shit

Zoh_Aubrey 8

Women bitch about men not being unique, serious or spontaneous but when it happens something suddenly wrong. My husband purposed to me at 3 am in XBox 360 pajamas after we waited for Skyrim to be released and it was epic as ****.

73 - You should have gotten married at the Tenple of Mara

That's really rude of you to say, I think it's sweet that he put so much thought into how he was to propose. And how many times will you be proposed to after seeing your attitude? Hah... Please.

itsame0987 18

I agree 2. Personally I think it was dumb and lame of op to propose that way. That's not romantic that is putting her on the spot, and in a sense "forcing" her to say yes. Need proof, just read the "she's a bitch, you deserve better" comments. If you don't want to get humiliated in public do one of two things. 1. Make sure you KNOW FOR A FACT that she will say yes. 2. Find some other unique way that does not involve proposing in public. It is ridiculous when guys do it, because if the girl is not ready to say yes she looks like a bitch for publicly rejecting his public proposal. Ydi op for all of the reasons I stated.

yes I'll get a thumbs down but I think in a way 2 is right. well, ish. I know a lot of girls that wouldn't want to get asked in public. it can be embarrassing for them and like someone said can possibly be put on the spot. I can imagine both parties being embarrassed/awkward if they said no, they should be 100% sure before asking, this is a conversation you should have with each other before the actual proposal. I know I have and I'm not getting engaged for another few years, I've already told my other half I do not under any circumstance want to be proposed to in public. I know that's my opinion but there you go. he was trying to be inventive but before you go and do something like that you should be sure of the answer. :/

Zoh_Aubrey 8

75 - We should've but c'mon, I'm not as epic as Lydia. I know my place--Riften.

shlbymnstr 2

How is getting proposed to in public compared to private embarrassing? If you would say yes in private and not in public then something might be weird with your relationship. My fiance proposed to me in front of all his shipmates when i went to visit him stationed in VA and it was awesome and when i said yes, the whole ship started applauding. Public proposals (as long as youre certain she will say yes) are awesome.

AppallingRogue 2

92 it may just be me but I don't think everyone thinks the girl is a bitch. I'm just saying that after a long winded proposal and all the explaining he did the least she could have done was give a decent explanation as to why she said no other than 'how about no'

#92 omfg YOU'LL NEVER KNOW FOR SURE THAT A GIRL WILL SAY YES UNLESS YOU BOTH TALK ABOUT IT. And about it being a stupid was to propose, he wanted to make it unique so stop being so rude and bringing him down for trying. Plus, she could've said "I'm sorry, no," and that wouldn't have made her a bitch. Saying no doesn't make you look mean, its the way you say it.

itsame0987 18

115 that's what I said. HE SHOULD HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT TO HER FIRST. If he had done that he would have known she would say no. Doesn't matter how you say no, people are still going to criticize saying she could have said no to him off the air or in private. What's worse many people, possibly some friends hearing her say no on the radio, or hearing her say yes on the radio then finding out she said no when they call to congratulate him? I still think op deserves it for not talking to her first to know she was on the same page.

SenselessPattern 12

115# and 123#, loving the CAPS. Though I'm confused with the whole "Hit it and quit it" style you're using. Anyways, I share 73#'s opinion and also believe that to be an incredibly awesome statement.

I just never got the allure of a public proposal. Unless you're absolutely sure, you're really forcing a yes from the girl. As for us, we're both kinda introverted, so I'll never propose in public. Ever.

I give you props for trying to be original, OP. Dont worry, you'll find the right gal.

I agree. Poor OP. Don't ever stop being such a romantic though ok! There isn't enough romance in the world anymore...


There's actually a YouTube video of a woman turning a man's proposal down from Australia...

pengin 13

Aww :/ I give you props for attempting to be unique.. I'd think it's better she atleast told you now, so you don't have to waste anymore time on her! Now, find someone worth your time, who'll say "yes" even if you have the most cheesy/ lame way to propose, if they love you, how you propose shouldn't really matter. XD

Sometimes, grammar is so important. First he's gonna do better and then he's doing her?

We don't necessarily know that he can do better.

Kudos for your method but too bad that she didn't except.

*Accept. Sorry, I don't want to start a grammar war like most people want to do on FML.

18, I'm sure 13 didn't capitalise it because it was a correction of a word that was not at the start of a sentence. In this context, a lower case a in accept seemed appropriate. Before anyone corrects me - I know my grammar isn't perfect, and I won't claim it is.

30, please don't start a capitalizing war on FML. I'm pretty sure neither of them would've cared if it was capitalized or not.

I assumed that 18's comment was about 13's comment, considering they were a good 4 minutes apart. That's why it looked to me like 18 was correcting 13's use of a capital letter. I see now that 18 was probably just a slow commenter, so, my apologies.

She didn't have to be so insensitive about it. Sorry, man. FYL.

I understands completely where you're coming from but just a serious question? How does one say no, non insensitively, to a normal proposal let alone a public one?

Maybe something like "*appreciative comment* but I'm not ready to take that step yet?" or even "*appreciative comment* but I'd rather not have this talk on the radio."

She may also have been furious at him for asking this either at this time or the way he did. Theres no indication as to how long they've been together, she may think it's completely inappropriate. Honestly, if you don't know already that she will react like this, you weren't ready for marriage. Everyone is giving you sympathy but its obvious you don't know this girl very well, your communication is sub standard, you've come in completely unprepared and really only made yourself look foolish. It takes more than a desire to commit and knowledge of her favourite radio station to be considered a good person who deserves better.

Maybe shouldn't have spent an eternity?

OhDearBetrayal 25

He should have just cut to the point and said what he meant. "I want you to have my babies and to live in my home. I like you, and I want to put a ring on you. What do you think? I hope I wasn't too sappy."

laylay33 6

I'm sorry but that didn't happen