By hatty - United Kingdom
Today, I had my car valeted at my hotel. The manager came out, took my keys, and said the car would be waiting for me in an hour. I was then forced to watch from the lobby as the "manager" sped off downtown. FML
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  Keyman1212  |  14

Checked his ID? "Um yes, sir, can I see your drivers license?" *looks at license* "Seems legit." Instead of checking his ID, OP should have, I don't know, looked at his uniform. If some guy dressed in regular clothes takes your keys from you, you only deserve it. I mean even just a name badge would suffice.

  Wdgames  |  0

Also, many hotels in cities have underground or raised parking garages where only the valets are allowed to go, since it reduces the chance of car theft.

  sequins  |  1

actually the fedex/kinkos near me requires valet too -.- (they have a really small parking lot so I think valet helps them tandem and fit more people in. but yea basically I don't consider faxing a document or mailing a letter "fancy".

By  Btreasure  |  8

managers dont usually do valet do they? and even still i would asked for someone with a name tag. better yet i wouldnt be lazy enough to ask someone to park MY car.