By hatty - 23/09/2011 13:48 - United Kingdom

Today, I had my car valeted at my hotel. The manager came out, took my keys, and said the car would be waiting for me in an hour. I was then forced to watch from the lobby as the "manager" sped off downtown. FML
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Wow call the cops and give tell them what he looks like. FYL. But you should have checked his ID.

This is why I don't trust valet parking.


Wow call the cops and give tell them what he looks like. FYL. But you should have checked his ID.

Probably sent this fml through his phone, which if I was OP, I'll be talking to the cops now.

Checked his ID? "Um yes, sir, can I see your drivers license?" *looks at license* "Seems legit." Instead of checking his ID, OP should have, I don't know, looked at his uniform. If some guy dressed in regular clothes takes your keys from you, you only deserve it. I mean even just a name badge would suffice.

#6 thank you! I was waiting to see if anyone would make a Ferris Bueller reference :)

I was surprised no one else did haha. It's a classic !

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15, most the time managers at hotels don't wear uniforms, just nice clothes, so if you have a tie you could pass for the manager.

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and, children, THAT'S why you always park your own car :)

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I wish that the valet keys had more security features than not allowing them to gain access to your glovebox/trunk. They should also limit the car's speed =c! FYL.

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Don't worry, it's just an hour...

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Wtf? Was he going to fix it or track down who did it?

#3, he took OP's car. The FML was simple enough. A random man wouldn't take a car (after pretending to be the manager, mind you) to fix it.

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YDI for being too lazy to park your own car.

At fancy hotels they park your car for you so he didn't have a choice stupid

Also, many hotels in cities have underground or raised parking garages where only the valets are allowed to go, since it reduces the chance of car theft.

Yea it sure does help reduce car theft... Oh wait the OP got his car stolen.

actually the fedex/kinkos near me requires valet too -.- (they have a really small parking lot so I think valet helps them tandem and fit more people in. but yea basically I don't consider faxing a document or mailing a letter "fancy".

you always need more information about the "managers"

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Where was the valet parking lot. Perhaps it was down town???

You know the plates (hopefully). Get him arrested!

managers dont usually do valet do they? and even still i would asked for someone with a name tag. better yet i wouldnt be lazy enough to ask someone to park MY car.

when do managers of hotels with valet parking actually do the parking themselves? they don't. ydi

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Exactly my thought. Op was too gullible, so deserves it.