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Today, I was fired. My boss told me via email that it was because I "don't have enough experience with fun spiritual." Uh, what? FML
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Report that. Wrongful termination is illegal, and you can sue. I doubt "no enough experience with fun spiritual" will hol up in court. Especially in court.


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GO FOR THE BUTT!! if someone knows where that's from gets a cookie :3

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I believe that what's in your butt is fun spiritual

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butters version off of south park! (: lol poor kid. where's my cookie

#27 combo breaker didn't know what the rest of the chain comments were from. (you are also unfunny)

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It means she won't get high with him. Dude was obviously tripping on something when he sent that.

Report that. Wrongful termination is illegal, and you can sue. I doubt "no enough experience with fun spiritual" will hol up in court. Especially in court.

exactly he/she definitely needs to take legal action!!

IANAL, but I believe you can only sue for wrongful termination under specific circumstances (e.g. discrimination based on a protected classification). Most employment in the USA is at-will, meaning you can quit, or be fired, for no good reason at all (as long as it is not because of the aforementioned discrimination).

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krez, any dismissal in any country has to have solid merit. if they do not have the termination documented with valid reason. unless the op was during a probation period in which case the can terminate with no reason specified.

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That's exactly what's wrong with this world. Whenever something bad happens to someone, the first thing they do is sue. It's pathetic. Suck it up like people used to do. It amazes me how you can sue for anything and everything nowadays.

Exactly. "spiritual" can be tied back to religion. And that whole statement makes no sense. If not sue, he could at least get his job back. if he even wants it.

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22 is right. you can't take legal action only because you have no idea what your boss means. that's his reason n that's all that matters.

Hmm, for some reason I thought the OP was from the USA (Tennessee to be exact), must have been a different one I was thinking of. In the UK you have a case (unless the employment contract says you must be experienced in fun spiritual), although I don't know if Brits are as sue-crazy as us Americans.

In the United States many employees are "at will," which means they can be fired at any time for any reason, including not being "experienced with fun spiritual" or for no reason at all. Whether OP can successfully sue depends on the nature of the employment agreement. I swear, on the Internet you'll find the dumbest, most uninformed legal advice. Why would you take any legal advice from some idiot teenager who doesn't know a damn about anything? If you have never studied law, stop spreading misinformation and STFU, seriously.

actually that's not a federal law. it depends on what state you're in. I have no idea how it applies in Europe though

true dat.! so unprofessional too! what places send emails lol

please, moralize us more. you know what? why don't you take your superiority and go to a developing country with it.

odd was that in the job description. should look into finding a lawyer I'm not sure if that's legal.

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The guy was just a prick :( you should key up his car, if he has a wife tell her he's cheating, plant a fart bomb in his office. Do something to scar him! >:0

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dude.. do an axe bomb. take a can of axe deodorant spray and tape down the button an throw it in the office.. that will have everyone running out xD

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Wow you sound extremly childish