By al0406 - 22/03/2009 00:34 - United States

Today, I was at lunch with my grandpa and my sister. My grandpa looks over at my sister and says, "Wow. You're so beautiful." Right after, he turns to me and says, "And you have a nice coat." FML
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zraya218 0

Well then. Coats pwn sisters.

And I would have been like, "You're old!"


zraya218 0

Well then. Coats pwn sisters.

why r ya all saying fyl?! f the sisters life for not having a nice coat!

blo0_starZz 0

My first thought was "PEDOPHILE!":o xD

Meow34 0

PWNED. Your grandpa is a dick.

And I would have been like, "You're old!"

yeah!!! tell the old fart to get a life!!! and a new fake hip!!! that's why he's bitching!!! his hip Is probly busted!!

How is it an insult to have a busted hip?

DaftPyramid 0

Haha, your Grandpa is funny.

Maybe you're really young? Or maybe he felt your sister needed a confidence boost?

liz16 0

could be worse, coulda said your coat was ugly.

breaksprinter_ 0

Your GRANDPA said that? I'm not quite sure I believe that, sorry. But maybe, he really did think your sister needed a confidence boost because if you didn't need one, then he could obviously think the same of you. And maybe he didn't think you would have appreciated receiving the same compliment as your sister. How old are you anyway?

Bubs_fml 0

Just because he didn't say "Oh, and you're beautiful too" does not mean he thinks you're ugly, unless there is more to this FML than what is written.