By Anonymous - 10/01/2015 03:41 - United States - Houston

Today, I found my intoxicated step-father in our back yard trying to domesticate a stray opossum, attempting to give it steak and malt liquor. FML
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Well did he succeed?

rieebee 23

Obviously the logical thing to do.


Well did he succeed?

Of course! No opossum in their right minds turns down a good time like that!

rieebee 23

Obviously the logical thing to do.

I would have accepted to have a drinking buddy if I was the opossum lol

At least, he's dumb

What better way to train than with steak and liquor (: they'll be best friends by the end of the night

Not my first choice in pets but to each his own I suppose

F the opossums life.

Sounds like my kinda party!

Well, he's generous.

that would be a cool pet. hope it works.