By Anonymous - / Friday 5 June 2015 12:21 / Sweden - G?teborg
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By  Steffi3  |  40

So, tell him

By  Steffi3  |  40

So, tell him


Hopefully OP had told him, and hopefully it went well, because there doesn't seem to be many happy endings anymore. The fact that he apologized and didn't attempt to humiliate her for (what he thought) was a blunder, is why I agree that he seems like a nice guy. Hopefully OP gives us an update :)


#48, him saying "hi" isn't why we said he was nice. The fact that he apologized and didn't try to humiliate her is why he is nice. He thought he had truly made a mistake which probably made him feel embarrassed..a lot of people would have tried to humiliate the other person to get the heat off them

  logicnazi  |  18

I also agree with #14, but #27, what does not paying attention to their comment or being an idiot (whichever was the issue) have to do with his/her sexual orientation or desires?
Your comment doesn't contain any more logic or attention to detail than the comment you're criticizing.

By  HappyItalian  |  38

I say make use of your new baritone voice by joining an a cappella group! Lol

(I'm kidding. Don't worry too much about it OP, just concentrate on getting back to a healthy state again.)

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