By heymacie - 19/02/2015 05:45 - United States - Lubbock

Today, I was at a family gathering with my boyfriend. Jokingly, my grandmother swatted my butt to get me to move. Out of habit, I moaned quite loudly. FML
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Just shows that faking will bite you in the ass eventually.

This needs a follow up.


This needs a follow up.

1dvs_bstd 41

She faked an orgasm too, grandma gave her the o.O look. Oblivious boyfriend is oblivious.

#33 I wouldn't say she faked it... She could possibly enjoy it.

"out of habit..." you don't moan seriously out of habit.

Just because it's "habit" doesn't mean she's "faking it". She could have moaned out of habit if she does it to flirt with her boyfriend when he smacks her on the ass.

drunkmunkey 24

was "smack that" playing in the background?

50 Shades of Grandma?

Shane Dawson did a parody with an old lady, terrifying

50 shades of grandma.....50 shades of grey. Both mean pretty much the same thing

this was my line another FML...

Just shows that faking will bite you in the ass eventually.

Or atleast smack it.

Attacksloth 33

What if she likes getting bit in the ass?

Then she should give me a call if her boyfriend broke up with her over faking it.

Or slap you in the ass

Don't you mean spank you in the ass?

hippodankamus 22

Oh my god. That's humiliating. FYL OP.

To me, getting spanked always meant I had done something wrong, not "Oh yeah, you like that? YOU LIKE THAT?"

Well in both cases, you're being naughty...

I like your thinking #21 ;)

^Sorry, my friend posted that because she's so hilarious.

1dvs_bstd 41

it was a funny reply/comment, why sorry?

and he's back

#37, love your username!

josace 9

It depends on how you do the spanking, but that's how I grew up too

I don't get how she deserves it, but it is weird. It's neither FYL or YDI.

I think people are taking it as her faking it whenever her boyfriend does it which is why they vote ydi but I'm not sure

Possibly, that would be more understandable.

bleedingglitter 24

I voted you deserve it because it clearly states she is at a family gathering. She needs to be mindful of her surroundings.

She deserves it for her lack of self awareness and control..

So your grandma smacks your ass as hard as your BF? Or does your BF smack that as soft as your grandma?

03stroker03 13

at least now everybody knows you're a loud moaner.

so now your bf knows you're faking it too