By Anonymous - 25/06/2011 20:39 - Switzerland

Today, my family went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. While we were eating our food, my grandma demanded to see the manager, and loudly complained that her fish was "too fishy". FML
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we need a detective cause something is fish..

Hmmmm, something fishy is going on here, but I can't quite put a finger on it.

I know what she means. Sometimes fish can taste a bit too much like the sea if they're undercooked.

"'Well I like fish just as long as it doesn't taste like fish' 'I've got some news for you...I don't think you like fish!'" -Jim Gaffigan

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unrelated - but are some fmls deleted shortly after being posted?

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I can relate to this person I just hate it when my fish taste like fish lmao haha

No detective needed, grandma was just trollin

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Did she say her parmesan was too cheesy?

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fish usually ends up tasting fishy, no matter how you cook if. miracle of nature. I really hope everyone gets Im being sarcastic..

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fish are friends not food....

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no the #'s are the numbered comment you are, so comment #2 could have been a reply to a comment posted by #1

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if "too fishy" is used to describe the smell, she may have been served fish that is too old to eat and should be binned. when it comes to fish, too fishy can be cause for concern, it means the fish is going off. that said, without further info, we cant be sure she wasnt just a stupid old bat. im gonna fencesit on this one.

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ummm well fhr it was too damn fishy!!!!

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sounds like a WHALE of a problem

The real fml here is that op doesn't know that a strongly "fishy" tasting seafood isn't preferable and indicative of being spoiled. Grandma knows what she's talking about, op doesn't.

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52- Yes, sometimes FMLs are deleted after being posted if the FML is deemed fake or such. OP- I once heard an old woman say her ice cream was too cold.. Old people are awesome.

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174, whales are mammals, not fish...

it's a bad pun when you have to capitalize is to point out it's there.

It's also a bad pun when your playful use of words is irrelevant to the situation.

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I suggest you never take her out for sushi :D haha jus sayin :)

Exactly what 170 said. That distinctive 'fishiness' is bacteria, it could mean the fish was old, bad, or not stored correctly... or, old bitches be crazy ;D

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244, whales...? what about them *in this FML*?

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I thought of that right after I read this FML. Jim gaffigan and Dane cook are awesome..

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Fish isn't supposed to taste like raw fish it's supposed to taste like food.. There is such a thing as fish bein too fishy

fish aren't supposed to taste fishy pshhht

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12 but ****** smells fishy too..

And, Shrike, I do not remember bragging at all. My poke was meant to be a joke.

I don't know, 36. I liked your comment better with the kinky auto correct. ^ _ -

Kinky? I found it poetic. You know, poke, joke. Just kidding... sort of. Hahaha

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47 i swear on eminems life that im a girl. and thats saying something.

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yeah it is...its ******* EMINEM!!:D

109 - Most of us might have cared 4 years ago.

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119- his music is still epic, u heard A Kiss?

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Well, she should have ordered tuna instead.

Screw rap. metal foREVer. A7x, BFMV, Metallica. Metal FTW! I'll say it the way eminem would. "Metal bands are better than me, without a doubt undoubtabley" hey look I'm a rapper too now.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I found your comment redundant and confusing. "Screw rap... hey look I'm a rapper too now."

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142 i wouldnt say ur a rapper, especially cuz u took half of ur sentence from "not afraid" :P idk y but i dont like not afraid, or love da way u lie. everything else, amazing!!:)

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the sad thing is theres way too many comments like the one from #2 who dont understand how a fish can be too fishy.

I pesonally do not care for rap; however, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 142, I have to say, though, your comment was pointless (and redundant and confusing). You're one of those people that makes me NOT want to listen to metal.

metal fans are becoming more and more douchey lately...

when were metal fans not douchey? I must have slept through that brief piece of history.

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hey eminemchick, I absolutely love eminem and would love to get some tips on writing raps! :p

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ok 241 but u gotta contact me lol and your picture is ******* amazing!! *zoom in*

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@28 actually, some people just have a stronger odour than others. the only way to know for sure that these are kids are the fact that they made those statements in the first place. adults are beyond that shit. virgins or not, they dont have the life experience to know what theyre talking about.

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241, 243- Was Eminem's reaction to Lady Gaga REALLY that funny?

bet anything you're a nerd who's got it maybe ONCE. bragging rights don't apply to you, bro.

xxlaurah, ate you trying to sound like today for a reason, or just for attention? because it's really not necessary and it's really overused. your comment was unoriginal, pointless and annoying.

it just seems as though [many, not all] fans of metal hate on music that is not metal. Many of them also think they're more edgy, or more "hard core" than most people, because of what they listen to.

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248, i thought i was the only one with that dp, and it was relatively funny when i saw it so i put it up.u know pictures dont have to be hilarious

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Metal is awesome, but don't talk shit about what others listen to. respect.

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I'll contact you on pingchat k eminemchick? :p and yes, this pic is hilarious. lol

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I never said pictures had to be funny, but the fact that practically the same picture is on two people's profiles, and based on the fact that the picture was made for laughs, implies that it was put up to get more laughs.

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275 again i had no clue her pic was even like mine. we kinda just

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Samir I thought I was first

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I thought your dp was Buddha with a condom on his head.....

Fish can be too fishy. It taste nasty when it is. This isn't even FML worthy.

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Fish can be too fishy. Cheese can be too cheesy. Chocolate can be too chocolaty. It's all preference :)

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You're not going to live long if you don't eat fish. :)

sushi is amazing - anything else that deals with fish is nasty :D

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I don't know, I just can't eat fish. Every time I eat it I end up throwing up. My stomach just cant handle it. Hence why I say fish is disgusting.

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149- sushi is fish so if u hate 'other' fish y do u eat fish? I'm comfused here

Seafood is the SHIT! Shrimp, scallops, octopus(sy), almost as good as bacon n fried chicken!

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200- me too! D: whenever I try to eat fish I throw up, and sometimes even the smell makes me nauseous :( but I can handle crab&shrimp(:

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Grandmas can get away with anything...

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Mine stole two packs of gum and a water from 7/11 right in front of the cashier and still got away with it!!! {^_} being old has it's kicks I guess. haha

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My grandma had to destroy all the horcruxes and defeat Lord Volde... He who must not be named.

63-At first I read that at two packs of gun. lol