Sex work is real work

By thatssickkk - 17/02/2010 06:40 - United States

Today, my grandmother decided to tell me about her past as a prostitute. In full detail. FML
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I thinks she wants u to pass on the legacy. Fyl.


elchiclebubalu 2

I thinks she wants u to pass on the legacy. Fyl.

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she didn't mention my name did she? I told that bitch to keep her mouth shut >:-/ ...j/p ur grandma was awesome :D

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hmmm "iswag" u got sum sexxii ass lips....juss ta let u kno....op that's gotta suck bigtime....maybe u could tell her about YOUR life a a secret agent prostitute/history teacher??? give u guys some common ground maybe

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nice hair :D (serious no sarcasm intended) to the op, LUCKY I wish my grandma was a *****!

lol, u make my day/night once again perdix

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wats up with all the grandmother fml????

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YDI for listening. Anti flood -_-

Wow that reminds me of something simillar. One of the guys from my friend's catholic school was telling us how one of their teachers did **** whilst in any chance you don't go to Holy Cross in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada?

how old is she,anything like a milf or just old?

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not a milf... a gilf... granny I'd like to ****, duhhh get it right

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it's good to know and get in touch with your roots :D

soon her grandfather will confess to being her grandmothers pimp back in the 30s :D

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Grandpas always had a powerful pimp and and now you know why.

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Grandparents have the coolest stories!

No FML unless you ran to the bathroom to rub one out afterwards.

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well u shuld be happy ur grandma was a prostitute bc thts prob y ur here today

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