Sex work is real work

By thatssickkk - 17/02/2010 06:40 - United States

Today, my grandmother decided to tell me about her past as a prostitute. In full detail. FML
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elchiclebubalu 2

I thinks she wants u to pass on the legacy. Fyl.

That really blows! lmao


elchiclebubalu 2

I thinks she wants u to pass on the legacy. Fyl.

xxjona777xx 0

YDI for having a slutty granny

#1 wins so much

iSwag 0

she didn't mention my name did she? I told that bitch to keep her mouth shut >:-/ ...j/p ur grandma was awesome :D


ohmygeezz 0

mmm the good ole days =D

hmmm "iswag" u got sum sexxii ass lips....juss ta let u kno....op that's gotta suck bigtime....maybe u could tell her about YOUR life a a secret agent prostitute/history teacher??? give u guys some common ground maybe

Is ur grandma Granny Klump?

wizerds67 0

nice hair :D (serious no sarcasm intended) to the op, LUCKY I wish my grandma was a whore!

lol, u make my day/night once again perdix

I'd hit that yo

naza517 0

wats up with all the grandmother fml????

thetink 0

@ 65 love your hair

fizzymonsterman 0

win bigtime^^^^

Thabb 0

YDI for listening. Anti flood -_-

You could be a porn grand baby!

Wow that reminds me of something simillar. One of the guys from my friend's catholic school was telling us how one of their teachers did porn whilst in any chance you don't go to Holy Cross in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada?

That really blows! lmao

literally XD ^^^^^^^

Win! ^^^^^^^

how old is she,anything like a milf or just old?

xundria 5

not a milf... a gilf... granny I'd like to fuck, duhhh get it right

Bbhd05 0

Oh baby.

KurouTenshi 0

it's good to know and get in touch with your roots :D

soon her grandfather will confess to being her grandmothers pimp back in the 30s :D

KurouTenshi 0

Grandpas always had a powerful pimp and and now you know why.

maybe you could learn a thing or two

epictrollathon 0

Grandparents have the coolest stories!

No FML unless you ran to the bathroom to rub one out afterwards.

Prestigex 0


FYL lmao I woulda killed myself

o good lord, these comments are just killer!!

tsoccerdude 0

well u shuld be happy ur grandma was a prostitute bc thts prob y ur here today

NeonWar__ 0

true dat (:

tsoccerdude 0