By Grounded - 05/09/2011 11:32 - United Kingdom

Today, my mother offered to pay for my tickets to go see my girlfriend who I haven't seen for 6 months. She was happy to pay for the £130 flight, but then refused half way through the purchase because she wasn't going to "let the buggers charge £13 extra" for using her credit card. FML
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Today, my ungrateful son complained that he couldn't pay €13 for a flight. I paid for the other €130. FML


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Ah man, u can't pay 13$ (or was ot £?) to see your gf?

indielove 13

Yeah at least she's paying £130.Not a lot of moms would do that.

I'm sure that you could have saved at least half of that money to see your girlfriend in six months.

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Not wanting to pay just the 13 extra is a clue she wasn't happy offering to pay for your ticket in the first place and made an excuse. I'm sorry OP it's time to get a job.

Maybe op is a college kid who's broke?

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Or maybe OP's mom doesn't like his girlfriend and is trying to keep them apart?

anyone else reminded of ender's game when people say buggers?

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13$ could get her like, 40 sticks of gum!!

Ye if she can get 40 gum sticks then she should keep the £13

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also £ not $ and if I remember correctly, the UK pound is worth much more than the USD.

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Big deal? Pay the 13 yourself? This is not a good FML

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Million thumbs down for that last fml censorship, what was wrong with it was funny as hell.

I can't blame her, I wouldn't want to pay an extra ~$21 just to use my credit card, what kind of company does that? I suggest either trying a different airline or a different travel site.

It was £13 - British Sterling. Which is about 21 US dollars.

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That was a setup, and your ass failed miserably 48... lol

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48- Read his sentence again, he said HIS credit card.

48, this is why I'm loosing faith in our education system. I'm from the United States, so for me to relate money wise to a post about a British monetary unit, I had to do a conversion. Now, in case this sounds hard, it's really not. It was as simple as me going to Google and typing in, "13 pounds as $," and hitting enter. Google then uses the most current exchange rate to convert it. Also note how I used the most similar symbol to the "about," symbol, as it's not an exact dollar exchange. The more you know. P.S. I'm proud of everyone else who replied and actually reads/has an education. For you 48, calling someone a name doesn't prove any point other then pointing out your own lack of an educated response.

You do know that we are speaking about a totally different currency dumass.

48-says the ignorant idiot who spelled "dumbass" wrong

Do u wear contacts? Sorry that was random but ur eyes r kool

You are beautiful no matter what they say...

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put your d*ck in your pants 42...

Today, my ungrateful son complained that he couldn't pay €13 for a flight. I paid for the other €130. FML