By wtfiswronghere - 08/12/2015 18:36 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, my grandmother insisted that Mexicans sacrifice humans every year as part of their Catholic religion. The Swaggart guy on TV said so, and apparently, he can't be wrong, ever. FML
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I didn't know we did that. I should embrace my heritage and I guess I'll start by sacrificing that Swaggart dude!


Well of course, we need that wall more than ever. Now that we know what those Catholic Mexicans are up to

So is she gonna say that the weatherman is always right next?

lexiieeex3 32

Why would Mexicans practice a different Catholicism than American Catholics though it's the same religion Grandma

Actually, we do/celebrate certain things that American Catholics don't. For example, we don't really do Santa. Instead, kids get gifts on January 6th for el Dia de los Reyes. So, it's the same religion just different emphasis I guess.

There are all sorts of different flavor a Catholicism. Cajun/AcadianCatholics celebrate Mardi Gras in a bigger way than most other Catholic cultures (not the New Orleans way). Like the no meat on Friday thing is practices differently. Some people do for Lent and some people do it all year

lexiieeex3 32

I realize there are different traditions but they still have the same values, which is what I was referring to. I highly doubt human sacrifice is a disparity between members of the same religion.

Alup132 22

Except Santa isn't part of the religion.

Saint Nicholas however is very much a part of the religion.

...she probably meant muslims but said mexcian.

alakazam12_fml 16

Don't think so dude, pretty sure Muslims aren't Catholic..

I didn't know we did that. I should embrace my heritage and I guess I'll start by sacrificing that Swaggart dude!

leogachi 15

Is that spirit tequila by any chance? Because nothing screams 'Catholic' louder than human sacrifices and liquor.

Ask her why Donald Trump is a Catholic if Catholics sacrifice people then

leogachi 15

@6 Donald Trump has probably sacrificed many people to get where he is today.

Because the muslims worship "this weird terrorist god called Allah," that means Mexican catholics worship "some burrito god by the name Dios," right... Oh and everything on tv must obviously be true, of course.

leogachi 15

@8 Don't you know it's illegal to lie on television?

It's also illegal to lie on the internet. I read that somewhere on the internet.

That totally doesn't happen...haha. Silly people should keep their noses out of what doesn't concern them, lest they end up next.

That's funny I remember palm Sunday, midnight mass and other various things but nothing about human sacrifice...then I stopped attending church years ago so who knows

I believe midnight mass murder began shortly after you left.

leogachi 15

@15 The Catholic people were so outraged by his departure that human sacrifice seemed like the only logical response.

They introduced it around the same time they started using real blood and flesh for communion.

It's true OP. I hear we have to meet a quota now as well.