By Anonymous - 8/12/2015 20:24 - United States - Knoxville
Today, while giving my final speech, a bump that had been growing on my arm popped. Pus leaked through my white dress sleeve, and it smelled like death. Everyone noticed. FML
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  sierrajo09  |  24

it could have been an abscess. they can form anywhere and when they pop, they pus. please do not try to pop it yourself because it can cause an infection. I have had one before that turned into a fistula (I have Crohn's disease). next time go to the doctor and get it checked out! :)

  HeartYou101  |  31

She could pop capillaries in her arm if she tried doing it herself and they often don't disappear easily..The doctor is the best call or finding a suitable ointment to treat it...

  sierrajo09  |  24

#29 I have a abnormal connection between two organs that forms a "tunnel". it usually starts with signs of an abscess and fever. just look it up and it will explain more.

By  amileah13  |  26

Oh my goodness how mortifying! Is everything okay?

  Tyrez  |  32

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  lysx84  |  24

Oh come on. Could've had it removed, didn't have to wear a white dress, could've put a dressing on it for the evening... This could have been prevented.