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Today, what started as a fun family Easter egg hunt turned within minutes into my mother-in-law's big chance to be a dramatic cow by screaming at my 5 and 7-year-old daughters for participating in a "vile pagan ritual" and saying that we're all going to hell. They're still bawling. FML
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Brenna19 5

I would have slapped her into eternity!

Ugh. The amount of people that still think like a 16th century Puritan...


Brenna19 5

I would have slapped her into eternity!

chell1894 13

My friends grandparents freaked out because he had a Harry potter blanket when he slept there once. They swore it was pagan and worshipping the devil.. Even though Christianity is a derived from paganism.. Crazy people.

I wonder if this woman was my neighbor. She told my daughter she would go to Hell for dressing up on Halloween

expertsmilee 26

39 - Christianity is a derived from paganism? Incorrect on topic AND grammar all at the same time, that takes skill.

Yeah... It is most definitely not derived from paganism, although it did take a lot of elements from it, supposedly to make conversion easier. (Such as paintings of saints having the sun behind their head, which later developed into the halo, Christmas trees and its date, and, of course, Easter bunnies and whatnot.)

chell1894 13

Obviously a derived was a typo. But alrighty. And maybe you should research paganism and Christianity a little bit more. Just about every "tradition of celebration" is derived from paganism. And it's not off topic because easter traditions are pagan traditions.

This sounds a lot like last Easter when a group of Christians leaving a church told me I was going to hell... I told them I'd see them there after they made such a judgement on me

Well paganism is celebration of the earth and its beings, soooo... I don't see granny's issue? What a hag. And Easter eggs as well as bunnies just represent fertility within pagan rituals, but Christianity took it over and kept the bunnies and eggs. So you keep up that fertility hunt kids.

Christianity is not derived from paganism. However some supposedly 'Christian' festivals were pagan ones which the Catholic church decided to use for themselves because changing the meaning and keeping the festival was easier than abolishing them and making new ones. Christianity is derived from Judaism, which in turn was again not derived from paganism. Get your facts straight before you start slagging people off.

chell1894 13

What I'm saying is that just about every Christian holiday for example Christmas and Easter derives their traditions from paganism. So yes both traditions are religious celebrators and the Christian traditions derived from the pagan traditions. Christianity is one of the newer religions compared to paganism, juidaism, Hinduism, even greek mythology. it's stolen lots of its traditions from other religions one of them being paganism. Do some research and get your facts straight bro.

* and - using all capitalized letters is not any more useful than typing it out regularly.

Is this the only thing you know how to say?

At least it describes most situations.

Hurbel684 10

Your mom-in-law could know - sounds like she was spawned from the depths of hell. Scaring kids with stories of hell is a no-no in any Holy Book. FYL!!!

Damian95 16

Mother-in-laws typically are portrayed as monsters. So I guess it makes sense.

I agree. next time MIL shouldn't be invited and talk to the wife... she needs to know how that isn't acceptable

Ugh. The amount of people that still think like a 16th century Puritan...

Christmas dinner is banned! It's sinful! Pubs are banned! They are sinful! The theatre is banned! It's sinful! Sports are banned! They are sinful! Make up is banned! It's sinful... Especially that eyeshadow with that top...

Someone shouldn't have watched Sinister. Maybe the kids will turn on her and kill her?

I now feel like I missed something in that movie...

^The plot of the movie is a sadistic creature controls the child to kill the entire family. But this FML requires the child to kill only one relative: their psycho grandmother. What could you have missed?

Your icon makes me cringe every time I see it, #5. It's like a scene from my worst nightmare. I want so badly to pump just one more penny's worth of gas but if I do, I'll loose the perfect number of gallons. Why, #5, why would you put such a mean icon where people like me can see it?

Good idea, there's liitle chance SHE'S coming back in 3 days!

baileymariee 10

I don't understand why people would ever talk to kids like that. Even if she doesn't agree with Easter, she could respect people's decisions to celebrate it.

Religion is like a dick.. There is always someone that feels the need to shove it down someone elses throat..

I agree. Its so stupid how people are so close minded. It makes me sick. You know, I'm a Christian but believe every God boils down to the same God (just different image) and was talking to a guy that said "there is only 1 true God." and starting pretty much saying all others will go to hell. People make me sick...if that is the case, that guy is going to be very lonely if he gets to heaven. Sorry it just reminded me of that. I can't stand people who aren't open to other things just because their religious base is so weak that it will crumble at the slightest temptation. Sorry xD

There is only one true god and it's Nicolas Cage.

Some people kill others and hate others over the religious beliefs, go figure.

Thank you. I've been looking for someone with such an opinion. I mean most Christians I know - though not all - believe in Hell and that if you aren't Christian you go there. And they are very kind, generous and happy people. Very welcoming - but I find that hard to swallow. I was told the other day that God isn't pleased with someone who isn't Christian. THAT I cannot understand - even if they weren't"saved" surely He would still be happy when we do something good? :)

artyler 3

Let me guess, she is a Jehovah's Witness. My ex-wife became one after our divorce, and she tried laying that guilt trip on my daughters ever Easter, Christmas, even their birthdays.

Doubt it. Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in hell.

25 But she sounds like enough of a psycho to not really care.

jem970 19

Wow I hope you slapped her. She can believe whatever she wants but if she screamed at my child? Oh it would be on like donkey kong! If she is such a dramatic cow why is she still allowed at family functions? I am sure your kids weren't the only ones she scream at, if they were I am so sorry. As I said I would have slapped her into next week.

I completely agree. My first thought when I read this FML was: Oh f*** no. If anyone "screamed" at my daughter or any child, I wouldn't be able to restrain myself. That woman would be in a world of pain....and then banned from ever coming near my child again. Children are easily scarred and traumatized by that kind of thing. I am still angry about this.

This is why I never bring up religion, politics, or conspiracy theories in a conversation. Why are so many in-laws crazy? I'm not married so I've never dealt with it except when my grandmother tried to set my mom up with a guy who just came out of jail for murder while still married to my dad. Wow. What the **** is wrong with people?

jem970 19

Your grandma sounds scary... I would have her checked out by a therapist if I were you... Just saying.

She can be an OCD crazy bitch. She's acts all sweet an innocent but I heard so many stories. She's so nosey, and she "cries" for the littlest things and never accepts something for what it is. My aunt was reading about something today that she knew was a fact and my grandmother said she was wrong. x_x I dont see her that often but when I do, I see something evil in her eyes xD hahaha Maybe I do need to get her checked out.

This is exactly why those things should be brought up or people get away with thinking crazy things that make you say incorrect and inappropriate things to children.