Who the fuck is this guy?

By Username - 06/08/2011 07:09 - United States

Today, my mom picked up my dog from the groomers. I came home to find a small female terrier on our couch. My dog is a full grown male maltese. What's worse is that it took me a full 20 minutes to convince my mom that she had picked up the wrong dog. FML
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FMLandurstoo 9

What's up with all of the fmls with people that have dumbass parents?

How can she not recognize the dog?! :0


FMLandurstoo 9

What's up with all of the fmls with people that have dumbass parents?

It's the Rise of the Dumbasses

ace ventura: pet detective. :D

Because parents are smart in some things and stupid in others. Apparently, the parent needs more training than the dog.

I really don't understand how you can confuse the 2...

HouTexans23 0

Ya and they all say "I dont know whats worse..."

Actually, a maltese is classified as a 'toy' dog, so when you say 'full grown maltese', you mean a dog breed that looks almost identical in every respect to a standard white terrier. If the dog wasn't her's, that's a perfectly reasonable mistake to make. Evidently on-one on here knows what a maltese is.

iAintEvenMad 0

1- I just read that comment in that family guy character's voice. Just thought I'd let you know.

then your mom tells you she picked up two wrong bitches. And one is you. You were adopted. Sucker.

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

Because if they had smart parents, there wouldn't be anything to FML about, silly.

Maybe she didnt like your old dog

Pixxio_O 11

Should've gone to specsavers...

Does anybody realize that maybe the dogs had the same name (something that works with both genders) And it was the groomer that made the mistake when they went back to get the dog and the mom didn't notice cuz maybe the dog was in a carrier or something

Yeah, but you'd think the whole male/female thing would give it away.

Well we don't hear about good parents on FML or else it wouldn't be an fml

How can she not recognize the dog?! :0

Because she is barking mad?

IndiRae 9

I'm assuming the mom did not like their dog, so she 'accidentally' picked up the wrong dog. That or she's a ******* moron.

Jvr91 8

Well your already on the Internet if you looked up what a Maltese is you would see they look like white terriers

She's not really that perceptive, is she?

Sweej 1

How'd you figure that out?!

Sheer luck at guessing.

good luck with your change from cool dog to lame dog. sorry OP

Your mom is an idiot

op isnt her child either, she picked up the wrong child at the daycare yeats ago too...

Switched at Daycare.New show coming to ABC Family

perdix 29

I think your mom traded up. Malteses are yappy little bastards while most terriers are a helluva a lot of fun.

IndiRae 9

0.o I disagree. Terriers are the yappiest bastards out there. Freaking ankle biters.

SeedlessMe 13

Some Terriers are ankle biters, yeah. But don't be talkin about my girl like that! I've never heard a 'yappy' pitbull...... ;-)

the yappiest dog i know is a miniature dacshund. i think those beat terriers by a long shot.

dyble95 0

Terriers are only yappy and ankle biters if you do not train them right.

Chihuahuas are the worst. Nothing more needs to be said.

dyble95 0

Personally I think chiwowas are awesome. I have 2 chiwowas and they are really nice; they don't bark at all compared to my golden retriever.

german shepherds win hands down

I have a Maltese & a Terrier! The Terrier barks far more and much louder! My Maltese's favorite thing to do is sleep!

I have a maltese and I find it offensive that you will judge a whole breed of dogs by the very few encounters that your ignorance shows. I'm not going to badmouth terriers because I am not a dog racist but my Stella is ******* AWESOME even tho she is a Maltese.

MrPositive 0

Surprise! You have a new puppy!

btnhdude 0

here's a surpri - **** you! (gets buck)

How long have you had the dog? If long I'd be worried! xD

I like how you say full grown maltese as if that's going to stop the breed from being around the same size as a terrier... This could have been a pretty honest mistake, especially if it's a new pet, because of the size and look. There are plenty of terrier maltese crossbreed anyway, like morkies, so unless each dig was a purebred they could have had similar coloring too.

Crossbreeds, dog... Whoops swype interpret!