By Anonymous - 5/8/2020 02:02

Empathy Man

Today, I told my man I was feeling a lack of emotional closeness and dialogue in our relationship. I'd hoped for a comeback like, "So what do you need in order to change that?" Or even, "Aw, come here, let's cuddle!" Instead, I got a simple, "I don't." FML
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By  thatkorean  |  5

Many people have different love languages. Could it be that? Because maybe he shows you things in a different way that is his love language. Not many communicate with words but with actions. Though if it’s all lacking maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship.

By  core01  |  30

Men are dumb. You have to state "I want to cuddle", or "I want to hear about your favorite [whatever]" if you want something. Otherwise their brains seize and they say dumb stuff.

  TinScarecrow  |  15

You call men dumb for being direct? Men are often simpler to understand and interact with, but they're not "dumb" for it. If you make the mistake of confusing complicated hinting for intelligence you're being pretty dumb