By asparagus piss - United States - Tifton
Today, after having loaned my girlfriend money after she claimed to be broke and unable to pay her rent and electricity bills, she went out, spent it all on a new purse and phone, and now refuses to pay me back. FML
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  Jonah171  |  12

omg sue sue yes sue murica hell yeah sue her

no, but really. now she's gonna get kicked out for being stupid. after such happens, I'd break up with her.

  doctorhook86  |  24

1: Breaking up with her is good advice, especially if she's irresponsible with money and willing to lie to the OP about it. That's bad news for any future relationship with her.

  kyleekay  |  25

No lawyer in their right mind would take on a case like this.

Lawyer: What can I do for you?
OP: I want to sue my girlfriend for stealing my money.
Lawyer: So, did she break into your home and take it? Commit check or bank fraud? Identity theft?
OP: No, I gave it to her for bills, and the bitch used it for recreational purposes.
Lawyer: .... GTFO.

  kyleekay  |  25

34- I'm fairly certain if nothing was actually signed, the courts won't consider it an actual "loan". It would be a he-said, she-said battle.

Also... TV is TV. It doesn't always translate to real life.

  Valdrek  |  26

Kleekay is right, If there is no contract, it is NOT a loan. Without one, there is no proof that the money was ever given to the gf. And to sue, it would take months of court dates etc, a small fortune in legal bills and in this instance, next to a 0% chance of success. Even if she admitted to not using the money for it's intended purpose, without a contract stating she MUST use it for bills and MUST pay it back to OP with the gf's signature at the bottom she is not breaking the law. OP gave her the money willingly and was not forced to In any way shape or form. It would be like suing a hobo because you gave him money for food and he spent it on booze. Americans and their suing.....

  X_Codes  |  11

@71 - Yes, Americans just sue the shit out of people for no reason whatsoever. Like people welching on their personal debts. That's totally not a reason to sue.

Also, for claims less than a few thousand dollars, it's pretty typical to not retain counsel. The law behind almost all transactions involving such a small amount of money is pretty straightforward and intuitive. As such, legal fees are not nearly as much as they would be for any sort of criminal case or complex fraud case.

Anyway, if I were in this situation, I probably wouldn't sue or break up with her. I'd refrain from any and all financial dealings with her until I got paid back, of course, but mostly I would just be patient and see what happens.

  DA14573  |  6

All the comments can be summarized into a song that goes "My friend has a girl friend and he hates that bitch, he tells me every day. She wants more dinero just to stay at home, well my friend, ya gotta say... I won't pay, I won't ..."

By  saksxalmo  |  20

As far as I'm concerned, that's basically stealing. You agreed to give her money under certain conditions. That is, unless you gave her the money first and suggested she spend it wisely afterward...

  LemonandLime  |  13

Actually from watching judge judy the op can't do that. If you give someone a loan and they don't spend it on what you wanted them to its not your concern so long as they pay you back.

  LunaaBluee  |  27

Yes, money does ruin relationships. It's best never to lend money. Something similar to this happen to my mother. Her so called 'friend' stopped talking to her, ignores her calls will not answer her door when clearly she's there.. It's terrible how there are people who value money over friendships

By  broniesrule  |  0

Do not marry this woman. She will bleed you dry your whole life. My mother has a shopping addiction and I've heard this spiel time and time again. Even 20 years after my parents divorced she still hounds him for money for rent etc.. and spends it on shoes and pillows and pictures.