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Today, at my graduation for my high school GED, my parents said they were getting all my family and my girlfriend together. So we all went out to a steakhouse down the road, everyone ordered steaks. Turns out the 'surprise' was me paying. I only got 50$ grad money, and the bill was 159.98. FML
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Kuroftw 0

You should have climbed out of the bathroom window and bailed :) hehe.


You should have climbed out of the bathroom window and bailed :) hehe.

i agree, shulda just bailed and ran for it!!! i dont see wut else u could possibly do :|

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#331 - It's relevant because steak is quite expensive .

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what a nice family you have... ahaha you truely must feel loved by them

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That sucks ur parents must hate u

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Maybe if he had graduated high school the first time he wouldn't have this problem.

Kuroftw 0

Well, congrats on gettin your GED atleast. It's funny, te first thing you get out of high school is debt.

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Well, that's what you get for a GED. If you had actually managed to pass high school, maybe you would have gotten more.

sylvienoir 18

Sometimes people don't have any other choice for any number of reasons. It doesn't really matter unless you want to get into Harvard.

I agree with #1, you should've totally bailed..