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Today, it's been the tenth restaurant meal in a row that my husband has to ruin with Instagram, in the belief that anyone cares. FML
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I care. Because of him, I am able to see all of that hot, juicy, beef in the food ****. Thank you, sir.

HowAreYouToday 34

Yeah. Then ground him. *rolls eyes*


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HowAreYouToday 34

Yeah. Then ground him. *rolls eyes*

SmallyBigs 9

Instagram: Food Network on the go

1, I think OP is overreacting a bit. You don't exactly ruin a meal by taking pictures of it. Besides, he's an adult, so he can decide what to do with his phone.

My thoughts exactly. He must be pretty imaginative with his phone to ruin a meal by taking photos.

RedPillSucks 31

Well. It's what he's doing to the food while he's taking a picture. Food **** has ruined many a meal.

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It's not that serious. If the guy likes sharing food **** that much, let him.

lmao 15 I agree. I personally like looking at pictures of food at restaurants etc. in case I want to try it some day.

It takes a min to take a photo on Instagram! Why do you let that ruin the entire dinner. I think this problem is something that you need to fix with you, not him.

summerguy97 16

He could be doing nothing but taking pictures.

Well you're basically giving him all power by letting such a small thing annoy you. Once you show you don't care, he ll stop. Bad husband! Bad!

Or kids. Some of these comments. Take his phone away. Ignore him. Your letting him have all the power by letting it bug you? I'm sure he pays his own phone bill and can look at what ever he damn well pleases to. If it bugs you mention it. If he doesn't want to stop then stop going places with him I'm sure that'll get the point across

If I do something I like and no one says anything, I'm going to keep doing it. Tell me when I'm wrong, dammit!

RedPillSucks 31

It's not always wrong because someone else doesn't like it.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

4-- u have a point about the whole power ordeal..give someone the ability to ruin a good time and they will..or give them the power to make u feel insecure, and they will..etc. What ur saying basically is OP needs to deal w her situation instead of letting it take over her entire meal time..right?

I know right! I never understand these women who send mixed messages! Life doesn't have to be so damn confusing! Just be honest with each other people! - 63

Pwn17 25

I never got why people do this. "OMG I'm eating! It's exciting!"

KiddoKS 19

I always try to imagine someone taking their Polaroid camera to dinner and then mailing out pics to all their friends!

Not just that. I actually have some people who tweet their CLOTHES on Instagram. Seriously, who the heck cares what you wear for today?

Am I the only one who imagines this man sitting at the table snapping photos and social networking the whole dinner? Am I also the only one who finds that extremely annoying?

tanglespet 12

I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say taking a picture of a meal would ruin the dinner...but it's near the top of the list of things I see on facebook/Instagram that annoy me. Unless its something exotic or interesting, don't litter the Internet with it.

graceinsheepwear 33

Yes, because it is unnecessary pictures of food that are clogging up the information highway.

Lol why is Instagram always used for food?

Because if you Facebook your food, everyone would start hating you

I care. Because of him, I am able to see all of that hot, juicy, beef in the food ****. Thank you, sir.

duckie227 22

People do care. Have him use #foodporn and watch the likes pour in!

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You are obviously his more intelligent half, then.