By drunkluv - 12/04/2011 02:58 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend openly admitted to me that she wouldn't have gone out with me if she hadn't been drunk. FML
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Well, you must have at least one redeeming quality if she stayed with you. Unless she was drunk the entire time...

Ouch, that sucks..


Ouch, that sucks..

iSitt 0

beer goggles work both ways

yeah but she's obviously still with him. unless she's been drunk the whole relationship

just buy her a fifth and shuddup?

Finn_the_human 5

She's a radical dame who likes to play games!

I won Lois's love in a drinking game, I had to out drink a cybertronic bear that only drank 50 whiskey. let's just say that bear won't be stealing an pickernick baskets.

maybe that was her courage boost. you intimidated her so she needed a helping hand.

Finn the mother fuckin human!!! :D I'm a big fan!!!

24 this could be entirely possible. especially if she was the girl from the FML before. the one on Facebook/texting the whole date xD

^just realized that made no sense *facepalm*

Well at least you had a girlfriend you selfish whiner. I'm black and have a huge (ahem) dick, what more could women possibly want?


gutzz 0

Why? Who cares how the relationship started, the fact that it started is the important part. As long as both people are happy together they should be saying, "wow I'm glad she was drunk that night." or else they would never have had the chance.

She is gonna get raped tonight.

ImaWiseGuy 5

65 you look like Justin Beibers retarded twin with a bigger disrespect intended......

68 - I disagree.

74 - and you're American. Try spelling 'states' correctly.

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91- she didn't even spell 'states'. where did you get that from?

Can you blame her? I don't know you and you seem like a whiney bitch

FYL sorry:( don't worry, you'll find the right girl:)

did you know it's not a sport?

It's really not, let's see them do it in the Olympics.

Cheer is close to being a sport, but gymnastics took that spot already.

MegamiKaosu 28

did you know?... that has nothing to do with the OP's post or the comment, back to the comment I'd leave her):...

all star cheer is a sport... it's on ESPN bitch!

I guarantee people don't go to sports bars and parties to watch that lol you fucking dyke

Stfub003 0

it is a sport. Football isn't in the Olympics, so that's not a sport then.

Well, you must have at least one redeeming quality if she stayed with you. Unless she was drunk the entire time...

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well done #5

That blows, you washed the dishes for her though right? At least a few times?

ah refering to a previous FML, i like that.

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dump that b*tch!


sounds like your gf is a BITCH !! :)

the mentioned gf is a bitch also xoCOURTNIEox is extremely hot lol

chammi 0

And your extremely NOT. lol :)

This is FML, not

chammi 0

lol I do agree:)

Wow 16, you sound bitchy too. Kinda like the gf of OP.

chammi 0

20, I am the opposite of bitchy actually I'm quite nice. I just am blunt.

ur blunt but so Is ur face lol

"We're on a bridge Charlie!"

chammi 0

Lmao that made no sense. Please go look up the definition of blunt. Get some premium crest white strips while your at it for your horse teeth. "lol".

chammi 0

nice one, 27.. :) unicorn.

i was hinting at that 10 mile forehead u got goin on but what ever lol

I was about to go and mock him but you spared him from experiencing my wrath... And my lack of creativity...

ImaWiseGuy 5

when keeping it real goes wrong.......

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lol. least she stopped beatin around tha bush i guess..

And she has to do coke to stay with you. FHL.

Lol that's a little harsh.

And inject heroin to keep having sex with you.

okay 86 that was super harsh

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it's a joke, chill out.