By iTerrify - Canada
Today, I was following my dad while texting, not really watching where we're going. Suddenly, he ran ahead and I looked up to see what he was doing. We were in the men's bathroom. There were 3 guys at the urinals. I'm a 15 year old girl. FML
iTerrify tells us more :
we were driving to a different province and had stopped at a gas station. I had plenty of time to spend with him on a 13 hour drive. I was texting people I wouldn't see for awhile. jsyk ..
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  caticaticati  |  3

Okay, I understand that texting and not looking where you're going is stupid, but don't fucking say that, because my grandma died in a car accident that I was also involved in and you don't even fucking know what that's like if you're wishing it on someone.

  aliee_a  |  0

its idiots like you that cause accidents where the innocent ones get hurt. and don't even say you won't do it, because if your stupid enough to walk into a mens bathroom while texting, you definately lose all credibility.

  iTerrify  |  11

what the hell , don't tell me what I'M gonna do .
I control my actions , and im not a dumbass I wouldn't text while driving .
and I'll get my liscense if i want to !


aliee_a, You're a judgmental bitch.
I'd LOVE to see how many mistakes you made at 15.

OP, just learn from that, ok?
Although I think seeing a roomful of skin flutes is enough
to shock someone out of texting while functioning for a while.

By  DameGreyWulf  |  0

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  iTerrify  |  11

we were driving to a different province and had stopped at a gas station. I had plenty of time to spend with him on a 13 hour drive. I was texting people I wouldn't see for awhile. jsyk ..

  pericles4321  |  0

DameGreyWulf....Out in a public place could just simply mean she was dragged to go shopping in a wholesale store, or some men's clothing store, you never know, so don't make assumptions to criticize her.

  kukopia  |  0

WHAT?? A 13 hr drive and you couldn't stop texting at the gas station, when you got out of the car?!?!?
WTF did you even get out of the car?? Why didn't it occur to you why your dad was going into the gas station?!? Or is it that you don't want to be left alone in the car... are you afraid to be alone?? It seems like it. How immature!
3 urinals??? That's either a HUGE gas station or a rest stop.
You're an immature douche that doesn't deserve a phone.

  iTerrify  |  11

um , no i wasn't texting while we were driving because i didn't want to be rude to my dad ..
we actually talk while driving ..
and i went in the gas station because i was getting snacks . I'm not scared to stay in the car alone , duh .
and yeah , it's called the Salisbury BIG STOP .
and maybe i don't deserve a phone , but guess what i have one , too bad for you .
and you can call me immature but you don't know me , and you weren't there so you can;t say what i did or didn't do .
I don't know why you people get so upset over an fml :S

  Pandasaur  |  0

Aw. I'm glad OP is here to defend herself. People are making all kinds of stupid assumptions here. :/ FYL OP. That must have been a bit embarrassing. On the bright side, you and your dad should be able to laugh about this later!

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Jesus fucking christ Kukopia...
You sound like you used a texting option to make that post.

@21: That's still trying to spend time with her, even if it's not exactly a place she'd like to go. After all, her dad is old enough to shop by himself lol

As for the OP, and yes it is nice to see an OP comment;
Well okay then! But really, why'd you keep following him if that's the case? lol
I know I follow my dad around sometimes, but only when I'm talking to him.

  ashlyrose45  |  12

Dude I had to do fire watch one time at that exact big stop. I see how you ended up in there, it's confusing as hell. The signs are way up on the wall so if you're not actively looking for them it's hard to spot. I see how you ended up there. Also, if you end up there again, the truckers lounge has free wifi which you can access from behind the building

By  MadeOfAwesome  |  1

Reminds me of the time my grandma and I accidentally walked into the men's room instead of the women's... LOL. No one was in there though, thank God, and I got to hear my grandma swear really loudly :P

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

My computer IS everything. It has a lot of very important and personal files on it, and is my only means of communication for some of my friends as I have no cellphone of my own (but I hate phones anyway so...).
If my computer dies, I will die too.... not literally, but I will feel very sick.

  iTerrify  |  11

i don't have a computer of my own : )
and yeah , my phone is pree important to me .
it cost a lot of money , and I talk to people on it .
In order to make plans to talk face to face I kinda need a phone .

  anniebananie  |  3

#47 - Shut up, you sound senile ("You kids get off my porch!", anyone?). Twenty-five years ago, people didn't have all of the comforts we have now. For example, the internet wasn't even widely used. So if you think that things were so great back then, feel free to give up everything that has been developed in the past 25 years. Me, I think I like this day and age just fine, thank you!

  ohJeeznotme  |  7

Nobody needs a phone...the world has been raised to be insanely co-dependant on them. Back in the dark ages when I was 18 cell phones were just coming out and nobody needed them. It is a convenience item, just like an Ipod is more handy than a portable cd player.


So because you didn't have the convenience of having a phone you could carry around with you when you were a teenager, no one else should? Go back to your front porch, grandpa.

I don't blame the OP for the texting, especially since she clarified that she spent the majority of the drive already talking to her father. However the only way you could accidentally walk into a bathroom is if you didn't even look up once the whole time. Just pop your head up every few seconds and look around, it's not that hard.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

My reply never showed up. Aw...

Yes, I have friends halfway across the country.
I would LOVE to meet my long distance friends face to face. Actually, I have met one. It's expensive as hell... sure was awesome though. If I had a million dollars, I'd definitely spend it all just to visit my friends.

No I'm not married to the computer, but it doesn't mean it's not still very important to me. Like I said, I have a lot of important things on here besides contacts. Is it so wrong to use the computer and Internet for what they're for... storing important files and documents and keeping in touch with people? Well excuse me, princess...