By sproket - 11/04/2011 23:37

Today, the maintenance man 'fixed' a leak in my apartment by flooding the place. FML
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Sounds like something my dad would do while "fixing" something.

gunmania0 12

I tried to fix a leak in your mum, the same thing happened to me.


Sounds like something my dad would do while "fixing" something.

I tried to fix brian once... couldn't do it. he gave me those damn puppy eyes.

gutzz 0

1- Be glad your father failed at getting fixed.

I love fluffy puppy

Too bad you didn't have Mr miyagi as a maintenance man.

a_cassie 4

at least you don't have to get a cup for water. :D

noelykins1 19

that what I was thinking lol (:

Omg me too! We all have so much in common! Let's have a threesome!

I'd prefer the latter of the two but do as you please. ;)

gutzz 0

Wouldn't a cup still be helpful? Unless you just get a straw and kneel I guess.... scooping water with a cup seems easier though.l

That's toilet water you are trying to drink....!

16 you're a moron. if he filmed he would still be watching.

Hey you first 3, you could use the cup you arent using for water to make your "film" ;D

What a dumbass plumber!

gutzz 0

He's a maintenance man, not a REPAIR man, or a plumber for that manner. Can't expect him to fix it is he couldn't maintain it in the first place.

gunmania0 12

I tried to fix a leak in your mum, the same thing happened to me.

leaky cauldron I see

Next time, don't use a 3.5" plug.

oilspill made ur house get stinky

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Don't fret. All the flood water should seep into the giant ravine that is his plumbers crack.

xoCOURTNIEox 0 can take me but you can't take my bungholio :)

TP for my bungholio


:):) exactly

Ummm...that's not really fixed. Silly OP doesn't even know the meaning of the word. Gosh.

kameryn25 3

or is it? if the pressure of the water on the outside of the pipe is equal to the pressure on the inside then no water will come out of the pipe.

actually yeah it is fixed, you can't clear a blockage without getting rid of the crap in there...this isn't suppose to be a conundrum you idiot.

MrFancy 0

Look at it this way, At it's not a leak anymore. He did get rid of the leak, just maybe not the way you wanted it!

Yay... You should have a pool party. FYL OP.

ImaWiseGuy 5

well played peteypablo well played, now take your shirt off and spin it round your head like a helicopter......

At least you won't run out of water :)

zee_77 0

Next time you'll do it yourself haha