By Brittany - 03/02/2010 05:03 - United States

Today, after calling my boyfriend and telling him that my dog had just died, he hesitated and stuttered, "She was old, sick, and suffering. Babe, it was her time to go." He then informed me he had to go to his friend's house and hung up. My dog was two years-old, in great health, and was hit by a car. FML
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RAWRstover 4

that, or he hit the dog and was trying to throw you off...

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yeah mabye he was just nervous and didn't know what to say to comfort his girlfriend. some guys are like that, u know.


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#17 you freak! Dogs are animals but FYI so are you. Just because they can't speak English doesn't mean you should not care about them!

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Guys don't always feel connected to things like we do. I really think he was trying to be thoughtful. He just didn't do a good job of it. Sorry about your dog, OP!

yeah but **** the ones who speak spanish right #20 **** all those mexican dogs **** em all!

maybe he hesitated because he was about to **** some girl??

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he completely ****** up while trying lol though it sucks to lose a dog I know that much

LOL. I feel bad for the poor guy. I know i'd do the same thing. I'm not an animal person but I guess I can see why people would get a little upset over loosing a pet. However, you can't expect someone else, even your boyfriend, to be just as upset as you over YOUR dog. I think he sounds sweet in an awkward way. He wasn't being insensitive. Make no mistake, the bastard ****** up, but he said what would of been all the right things lol.

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No Humans are humans not animals. I hope you realize that evolution is very flawed and has been disproven many times, but still people still choose to teach it.

uknorob, Humans are animals. Even if god created us in 7 days we'd still be animals. Definition of animal: A living organism characterized by voluntary movement

#17 is probably a virgin. anyone who says "I'd feel bad if he had big **** and show her lovin all night" is automatically a troll.

RDR, some guys show respect towards women. I bet you're just some little 13 yo who thinks he lost his virginity because he masturbates twelve times a day.

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Lol, it's been disproven? Oh, do tell!

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wow sounds like u think very higly if ur self! well sucks u dnt kno if any girl would even consider being with u and as for Jesica Simpson I higly doubt she would even look at u twize u can dream tho Hun!

they can say yes or no? sounds like you only see women as play-things, not human beings. which obviously, isn't true. you're not as good as you think you are, you're just a ******* arsehole

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That was very inconsiderate. Sorry

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Sounds like you need to dump that jackass boyfriend of yours...

To people replying to RDR435:

#26. how r pol lik animals dumb ****. lady who lost her dog get over it and buy a new one it's ur fail it died cuz u weren't watching or it wasn't Ina leash or else it wouldn't hve ran into a car

I can't be bothered watching. tell me the plot :)

to me it looks like he hesitated because he hit the dog and tried to make her think it was gonna die anyway and then said he had to go so she wouldnt get suspicious FYL OP

#111 First i can barely read that! Can u type or or you too retarded? And second have a f**king heart!!!! God for the life of my i don't know where all these insensitive jerks came from!

either: 1. he didn't know and was trying to be nice 2. he is cheating and got dogs mixed up.

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yeah mabye he was just nervous and didn't know what to say to comfort his girlfriend. some guys are like that, u know.

well he probably never even saw the dog if he said something like that. I'm so sorry for your loss.  FYL

RAWRstover 4

that, or he hit the dog and was trying to throw you off...

lol and I don't know why she and the rest of the people commenting haven't realized this, he kill the mutt end of story.

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haha. he's just a nervous person. he was unsure of what to say, so naturally he made a fool of himself

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I'm sorry. dogs are very special creatures and it's very hard to lose them, especially when it's not really their time.

freshzombie 2

He was either nervous or maybe he just wasn't paying attention because his mind was wondering to more "important" matters and was just saying a bunch of cute stuff

sorry about your loss op. and as far as your bf I'm sure he was just trying to help. did you actually tell him your dog was hit or did you just tell him it died?

and #6 you've obviously never had a dog to say that it's like losing a family member when then die for most people

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As everyone else is saying, at least he TRIED to help you. He COULD have just been like "Oh I gotta go" right when you told him. So what if he didn't say the RIGHT thing. Men hardly ever do.

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he also may not be a person who likes pets, so it's hard for him to understand the attachment

Don't be f'ing ignorant, of course animals have feelings. There have been cases when animals put their own lives at risk to save a human they loved.

RDR, emotions ARE instinct. "Fear" is an instinct towards self-preservation. "Love" and "empathy" are instincts which protect a group. Dogs are pack animals, and they "love" their pack.

Animals do have emotions! They feel fear! They feel exitment and anger! If you REALLY think they dont feel your an idiot! Animals probably feel more then you do!!!!

My aunt and her dog DID get lost in woods for 5 days and they both came out alive!