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By  beastlydevon  |  0

I'm black. watermelon taste like water. so I don't get how its that great. I hate frgrape soda. KFC taste like shit except for mashpotatoes, grilled chicken and popcorn chicken, I can swim fine, and I would suggest you not say that word unless your black. if you not I'll show you moi tai

By  zwilli3  |  0

Eh, we probally will still eat things like chicken and beef in the future anyway.

Also, why does the smell of fried chicken make you nauseated?

  Ajjas013  |  6

@ #29 that's really creepy O____O

  deathcab7  |  0

@85. i agree with you thinking 29's post was disturbing. I would also be scared to be mermaid for the fact that she might get squeeezed to death. :/