By squishy - 11/02/2010 00:07 - United States

Today, my 4-year-old niece told me she likes it when I'm around because I'm "squishy and smell like fried chicken all the time." FML
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Hey at least your liked.

That's why I like you around, too :) *Steals chicken wing from underneath OP's fat rolls.*


Hey at least your liked.

ha. you beat me to saying that.

I don't see wats ring with chicken and being squishy

I'm black. watermelon taste like water. so I don't get how its that great. I hate frgrape soda. KFC taste like shit except for mashpotatoes, grilled chicken and popcorn chicken, I can swim fine, and I would suggest you not say that word unless your black. if you not I'll show you moi tai

Wtf? You have problems!

Please say you didn't offer a taste.

Im really sorry for this, but its kinda funny. I read this FML to my brother and he instantly said, "are they black?"

smh assumptions

that's hilarious!

Eh, we probally will still eat things like chicken and beef in the future anyway. Also, why does the smell of fried chicken make you nauseated?

beat me to the punch ! D;

That's why I like you around, too :) *Steals chicken wing from underneath OP's fat rolls.*

hey see if you can find me a leg on there.

Kriptonite, what the hell do you think you're doing with my chicken?! D:

She must be one of the pedos that were successfully moved to Uranus.

I'm not a pedo, I'm 13 :P

She looks so cute~ I could just hug her and squish her until she dies. And even after that I'll still continue to hug her motionless body XP

... As do I?

Awesome that means ur in my league..... so.... what's ur number? ;)

Ajjas013 6

@ #29 that's really creepy O____O

@85. i agree with you thinking 29's post was disturbing. I would also be scared to be mermaid for the fact that she might get squeeezed to death. :/

My hugs aren't deadly... They're filled with love... oh... I guess they are deadly~

Nice pic Snick.

if hour not loud and annoying beastly, then your my favorite black person ever. ;)

LOL, people really love replying to anything Snicker post huh... Oh I'm posting too XD