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I'm black. watermelon taste like water. so I don't get how its that great. I hate frgrape soda. KFC taste like shit except for mashpotatoes, grilled chicken and popcorn chicken, I can swim fine, and I would suggest you not say that word unless your black. if you not I'll show you moi tai

Im really sorry for this, but its kinda funny. I read this FML to my brother and he instantly said, "are they black?"

Eh, we probally will still eat things like chicken and beef in the future anyway. Also, why does the smell of fried chicken make you nauseated?


She looks so cute~ I could just hug her and squish her until she dies. And even after that I'll still continue to hug her motionless body XP


@85. i agree with you thinking 29's post was disturbing. I would also be scared to be mermaid for the fact that she might get squeeezed to death. :/

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