By iluvsu504 - 11/11/2009 18:17 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 15 months broke up with me. Best part? I just picked up an expensive sterling silver ring engraved with Forever and Always for her last week (she knew about this). The other best part? She asked if she could still have it and if she could keep my hamster. FML
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this is the poster, and i hadnt given her the ring yet but she knew i had it, which makes it douche-ier. and yeah im a lesbian, no im not the man in the relationship, im lipstick, and i told that bitch she had lost her ******* mind. and that i would be picking up my hamster next week. btw. forever and always was not a promise, it was a like inside saying between me and her that we developed as friends. and when youre a college kid who makes less than 300 a month with bills to pay a $120 ring is expensive so thanks. but yes i have the ring and the hamster and that bitch is gone!

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What a bitch! you dont deserve her. i say keep the king and your hamster. when you find the girl you love and who loves you back, then you give her that ring.


I swear, some girls are like raccoons. If it's shiny that's all they care about!

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Agree with #1... You shoulda slapped the bitch and said "Hail nah, hoe." If you let her keep it then your a dumbass.

YDI for being a lesbian. Send me pics nao!!!

Reyo 2

The bitch has balls...give her that much.

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Lol, find another girl, wait a month, give her the ring.

Should've said "While we're asking stupid questions; Can I stab you?"

Tell her f*** no she can go buy one herself

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What a bitch! you dont deserve her. i say keep the king and your hamster. when you find the girl you love and who loves you back, then you give her that ring.

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you mean "she doesn't deserve you" not "you don't deserve her" O.P. well that sucks at least now you have the experience to UP your standards. and if the bitch is that stingy of a gold digger trashy ho then you definitely can do better.

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It makes sense, just isn't how we usually say it. "You deserve someone better, therefore you don't deserve her." =)

Yea i agree you deserve someoneway better, and you better get your hamster and ring back!!!

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saying "you dont deserve her" implies that SHE is too good for HIM... not that he is too good for her...

It says at the top left that OP is also a girl.

I think we should probably consult his royal highness on this plan...

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Perform the the Messiah Kick on her!

I snorted seltzer out of my nose upon reading this. You owe me a new keyboard.

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uh. no? don't egg her car. It's already satisfying to be able to say no to the ring and hamster. No need to be bat-shit crazy and egg her car. Crazy people.

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Can there be more than one "best part"?..just askin

This guy makes a valid point. The "best" part implies that it is, unequivocally, the best.

perdix 29

A silver-digger, that is, can't you read? Shove a Habitrails tube in her and give her the hamster to keep. You choose the orifice.

Woaaaaah. She is a B*****! Say no. And make sure you keep hamster. ;)

She said expensive. To some this could be a couple of hundred not a cheapy. and a couple of hundred isnt that much to spend on a gift.

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Engagement and wedding rings are one thing... Jewelry or even promise rings are another. You're never gonna get married if you're not willing to do thoughtful things every once in a while.

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Is FML effing up or... why did the thing we replied to change? And hey... Erindub... That's a freaky coincidence, because something similar happened to me with a girl whose first and first name together are similar to Erindub...

OP's in Lousiana. They're not getting married. (Well maybe, but they'd have to travel pretty far) OP, keep your hampster, return the ring, and find a new girl! You deserve better!