By brokeasajoke - 11/11/2009 16:13 - United States

Today, I let my dad borrow my car. I found out a few hours later that he has had a suspended license for three years. How did I find out? He got pulled over and arrested. My car was also impounded. I'm a college student barely making it as it is. Guess who can't afford the impound fees? FML
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get your dad to pay the impound fees.......

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Do whatever you can to pay them ASAP cause the fees go up by the day and soon you'll lose your car for good. FYL : (


get your dad to pay the impound fees.......

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exactly!!! he's the one who screwed up in the first place. FYL. :(

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I'm guessing the dad cant pay right now because he is arrested...

Come on, she obvs isn't that clever to work that out haha

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Omg I'm first shut up insert a "wedontcarecommenthere" kkthnxbai

i don't know... who? it's kinda hard to figure out...

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im thinking the dad right? because hes the one who got the car impounded i would assume he would pay for it.....this stupid fml sucks balls

In that case im guessing he had no insurance meaning an impounding also? YDI without details still sucks though!

yeah he was you idiot. thats what "barly making it" means you "brat"

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Um they will take the car regardless of if they have insurance.

are you related to the person who's dad told them to flee the scene of an accident from a few FMLs down? FYL but also **** your dad, just in general, what a douchebag.

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This is why I refuse to help family in any way that can come back to hurt me.