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Today, someone sent my boss a CD full of documents for an upcoming trial. It's my job to sort through the evidence, so he gave it to me. I looked on the CD. There's only one file; a 1020-page PDF of all the documents we need, and the pages weren't scanned in order. FML
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  CCSA  |  12

And a pretty high paying job too, so I guess it will be less of a pain when OP thinks about the money he'll get for every billable hour sorting the evidence out

By  AliSama  |  17

you can save all the pages as files. worst case you need to rename them as you see them. There may be a technological solution as well. google it. with ocr etc.

By  lhamil64_fml  |  5

If you have a PDF printer installed (like CutePDF) or are on a Mac (which has it built in) you can take note of the pages that are of each document and print those specific pages to a new PDF.

  cristy91  |  33

It's still a lot of work, plus with PDFs of that size, the program runs slow (at least with my experience). CutePDF is great, though. It allows you to really work the document and for free too!

  Livelife121  |  30

Plausible translations:
1. I decided to quit my job in September 2012, because my boss was an asshole.
2. I have been wanting to quit my job since September 2012 because my boss is an asshole.