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  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

(I'll disregard your first sentence cuz I'm nice ._.)
I'd assume that considering it complicated is relative to the average "level of complicatedness". Once something goes overboard and the shit hits the fan things become "complicated".

  alexchiltonLC  |  7

Oh get over it my comment was not meant to be a reply and did not need to to be regarded by him anyway. That's my opinion I don't give a shit how complicated my relationship is. I'd rather right some jaded status then change to "it's complicated"

  middlekid2  |  5

That's all good, my girlfriend and I got in an argument and without telling her I just changed my relationship status to "single".
Later she messages me saying "dis you seriously just break up with me over Facebook without even telling me"
I replied with "I did? Whoops, I meant to change it to "it's complicated";)"
...I got slapped the next day...

By  KiKiomggg  |  1

She's being a naive child. Talk to her about it, maybe she thinks that you didn't take her serious enough because you didn't give her the last cookie.. -.-'
And.. Girls' mind are very complicated.. Sometimes you need to find a way to understand it.. Or not xD
Depends on you OP :P

  TorturedXeno  |  27

OP's girlfriend IS kinda cooky, isn't she? Or is it "kooky"? Anyway, OP, FYL. As a guy who once dated a female who was (and still is) quite immature, take my advice: find yourself a woman. Not a girl. A woman. Good luck.

  KiKiomggg  |  1

That's why I said she's a naive child! And OP can choose to understand her or not.
Who knows, maybe they are young, maybe the girl thinks that a freaking cookie matters.
OP should seriously think about talking to her. Kk?