By danthecomplicate - 29/09/2011 02:28 - United States

Today, my girlfriend changed her relationship status on Facebook to 'It's Complicated' because I didn't give her my last cookie. This happens all the time. FML
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Some people take that shit seriously. C'mon dude, didn't you know cookies are the most important part of a relationship?

Who does she think she is? The cookie monster?


Some people take that shit seriously. C'mon dude, didn't you know cookies are the most important part of a relationship?


It's not official till it's Facebook official!

48- crispy bacon for guys and cookies for girls!

ImOlivia 5

No! I'd prefer crispy bacon over a cookie any day.

One does not eat the last piece of cookie w/o consent . . .

I once got into a lot of trouble with my fiancée when I failed to give her a bite of my hotdog.. girls take this food sharing stuff seriously.

just tell her you were going to give it to homeless orphans.

I like having both crispy bacon and ... Floppy? Bacon... Uncrispy? bacon at the same time. Sorry brain fart. The non-crispy word eludes me.

Chewy! There, found it. Chewy bacon and crispy bacon together.

DawnMarie11 0

Lol as a server, our restaurant calls 'floppy bacon' LIMP. Which makes the immature part of me giggle every time I write the order for it

There's an easy solution to this, and it's not complicated at all. Dump her ass.

What a dumb relationship status. What relationship isn't complicated?

(I'll disregard your first sentence cuz I'm nice ._.) I'd assume that considering it complicated is relative to the average "level of complicatedness". Once something goes overboard and the shit hits the fan things become "complicated".

Ok...didn't really mean to reply to you anyway, my bad.

I'd believe you, but your profile would lead me to think otherwise.

I agree to dump her. Because if shes that immature. Than the stress isn't worth it.

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"I'll disregard your comment, but here just let me tell you off..."

ImOlivia 5

He said he would disregard her FIRST sentence. Not the second. -.- Read the comment properly before you reply. :/

Oh get over it my comment was not meant to be a reply and did not need to to be regarded by him anyway. That's my opinion I don't give a shit how complicated my relationship is. I'd rather right some jaded status then change to "it's complicated"

stacianichole 2

Why advertise problems within a personal intimate relationship on the Internet in the first place?? WHY???

Well 166 that is because most women require drama to make them feel better about their lives.

Who does she think she is? The cookie monster?

mishkaroni 15

Thanks for my LOL for the night!

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Damn, I wish I could like this comment more than once!

No, we dropped Cookie Monster in the Congo after he escaped rehab again. OP's girlfriend is just a whiny bitch.

Give that bitch a cookie. Bitches love cookies

That's all good, my girlfriend and I got in an argument and without telling her I just changed my relationship status to "single". Later she messages me saying "dis you seriously just break up with me over Facebook without even telling me" I replied with "I did? Whoops, I meant to change it to "it's complicated";)" ...I got slapped the next day...

KiKiomggg 1

She's being a naive child. Talk to her about it, maybe she thinks that you didn't take her serious enough because you didn't give her the last cookie.. -.-' And.. Girls' mind are very complicated.. Sometimes you need to find a way to understand it.. Or not xD Depends on you OP :P

How can you take someone serious if they decide that their relationship can be changed because of one ******* cooky... I mean cookie.

KiKiomggg 1

That's why I said she's a naive child! And OP can choose to understand her or not. Who knows, maybe they are young, maybe the girl thinks that a freaking cookie matters. OP should seriously think about talking to her. Kk?

ikickgingers 15

Me = girl. Beer good. Sex good. Work money. Keep your dick out of others vaginas. Cookies can be shared. No complexity at all.

Alright what kind of competition are we going to hold to decide who can marry ikickgingers?

harleyq132 2

dont b stingy bro, if u give her your cookie, she might give you some of hers ;)


You shouldve gave it to her. It always pays to be a sweetheart to women haha

Make it simple and dump her. Then give her a cookie.

Glockinator 2

Was it a fig newton? I might pull the same thing as that's a pretty serious matter. But wait... Those aren't cookies!! Theirs fruit and cake

Glockinator 2

I totally meant they're. It's 340am and I just worked a 14 hour shift. I'm allowed one fail for the day

Lol it's fine, you seem chill (Fig Newtons are awesome) so I didn't say anything negative about it. :P I just thought it looked funny.

ImOlivia 5

I think I may be the only person in the world who truly HATES Fig Newtons.

Definetly not the only one who truly hates those disgusting things.

I'm afraid I am. And don't call me people.

Glockinator 2

I am the pickiest eater ever but those little fruit and cake things are amazing to me