By Noname - United States
Today, I figured I'd throw my ex-boyfriend a compliment and told him how "gifted" he was below the belt. He thinks he's paying me a compliment when he tells me how much he loves that little roll of skin that pops up over the top of my pants when I sit down. I'm trying to lose weight, asshole. FML
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  AHopelessDeath  |  12

that is awesome to see a guy that truely feels this way. i am in no way skinny or thin..and i am extremely self conscious about my weight...but i am also not (well i think) THAT this is an awesome comment to get to see :D you are an awesome dude. and you are definitely right. thank you random dude on the interwebs! :D!

  19990231  |  29

You are 9 but you agree with 10?
-_- what magic do you work

By  your_face  |  15

I'm trying to lose weight too - my boyfriend knows I hate my stomach, but he always tells me how much he loves it. Your ex wasn't being a jerk here, he just genuinely likes something about you that you unfortunately don't like about yourself. Be glad other people view you differently than you view yourself, and continue to work on losing the weight knowing that you still look good. And one more thing - he's your ex (hopefully not because of this anecdote) - don't let his opinion go to your head, it isn't the most important one anymore.

By  earwig12  |  1

#13 - excuse me? It's not a compliment to tell someone you like something about their body? Too many girls say they don't want to be lied to, or that they don't like the idea that girls have to be super-skinny like supermodels to be attractive, and then go around saying things like that. You'd rather have your boyfriend lie to you about your body and force you to get skinny to find you attractive instead of accepting you and finding you beautiful as you are? Oftentimes I think that women are more responsible for perpetuating these kinds of double standards than men.