By whattheheck - 04/06/2012 04:34 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I found out that my new girlfriend breastfeeds her dolls. FML
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MykalaMonae 7

Dont you mean, EX Girlfriend?

.... and you're jealous. It's ok to admit.


MykalaMonae 7

Dont you mean, EX Girlfriend?

No, then OP would've stated that.

gunmania0 12


MykalaMonae 7

*YAWN* suckmybig.TOE.stfu

MykalaMonae 7

20: -_-

You are hardly one to judge op's girlfriends quirky fetish given your own apparent thing for "big toes".

MykaylaMonae, just stop. Stop responding to comments. It isn't helping you in any way.

9, using an overused meme to point out an overused comment, for me, kind of killed the argument.

I like big butts, and I can lie about it!!!

How old is she? Like 5? The hell?

pavlovaaLOVE 7

1- you didn't use caps for every word on this comment .... Well done!

notyobabymomma 4

They actually make a breast feeding baby doll for kids now, I find that more creepy than this

i bet its one of those real looking baby dolls

I thought it was funny

outstandtacular 11

14 - a fourteen year old WOULD have a comeback that weak lmfao

Can you even consider that as a comeback?

tjv3 10

Well be one of her dolls

thecaringguy 2

Hey we the same age hehe

I argue that No is a pretty strong comeback it represents the rebelling against authority in a way that represents that your are sick of the person and simply won't follow his/her orders also No is simple and states your own authority over someone else's

You know she's too young for u when she still plays with dolls, bro.

Anyone else been on this website and felt they look like a retard when they're smiling like they're stoned in a public place because of some of the comments on here x]

The comment "don't you mean ex girl/boyfriend" gets used so much that it annoys me more than it should

mashimarox 12

That's.... creepy. o_O

AsianCookie247 14

What the fuck..

Obeyy19 4

Took the words right out of my mouth. O.o

soccergurrll 8

That is so creepy I literally don't know what to say to something like that

Dress yourself as a doll and BAM! Free milk.

Point of dating is to get to know the person, but I think those are one of the things you wish you never knew eh?

Leadamp 7

But those dolls need all the nourishment they can get.

She sounds cool. I would hang out with someone like that. Besides, if guys can use blow up dolls, I don't see why girls can't use baby dolls for their own form of... er... companionship?

xoconnie 8

GTFO while you can, that b*tch is crazy.

Disturbia. o.O

.... and you're jealous. It's ok to admit.

When a mama bear and a papa bear REALLY love each other.... And then the baby bear walks in on the mama bear breast feeding her dolls... Awkward....

He's probably mad that the dolls are getting all of it

USMC_Cpl 5

I'd be jealous too.

I'd be worried I'd I was OP, considering that she's lactating :/

Make her watch chucky....she'll throw all her dolls out in no time.

You are so mean... They are hungry :( (jk)

What if she's watched it and that's the reason why she does it? She might find Chuckie cute. It'll make it worst.

Chucky was the reason I got rid of all my dolls back then when I was 14. :( ...and I'm still not able to tolerate their creepy looks up to this date. *shudders*

Chucky's girlfriend still creeps the hell out of me.

PInK_ExCiTeD 7

I watched chucky once when I was a kid. Until this day I haven't stopped being paranoid about dolls. o.0

rcgirl2 11

And rip their heads off?

rcgirl2 11

And rip their head off?

rcgirl2 11

Whoops. I accidentally put it twice.

Really? I watched it as a kid and it really wasnt that scary

Link5794 18

Chucky should have a label that says "made in the Uncanny Valley".

How is OP a creep? Answer me that.

AbbyRocksYourSoc 3

She was calling OP's girlfriend a creep.. not OP.

Llamacod 11

103, unless you were the one who posted "creep" you don't know who it was directed at. for all you know the poster is op's girlfriend and she is mad at op for spilling her secret. please to not presume to know what others are thinking, as you do not know

KriiFahMoro 9

What the fuck? You're 13, pick a different picture that doesn't flail your tits around.

Well, 118, when I was reading this post, I sure as hell do not understand what you're thinking half the time.

Comming from the 13 year old with a dp showing that much cleavage…

yoursucklives 36

dolls alone are creepy enough. but that's just bad.

that's just fucking creepy.

Yes it is. I also read a story about a mom who still breast feeds her 13 year old daughter! I mean... Why?? It's not even milk anymore!

Llamacod 11

uh 109, if the 13yr old's mother has always been breast feeding her then the mom's breasts would have never stopped producing milk. so please explain, in all your "wisdom" how it "isn't even milk anymore"

I'm not saying I have all the wisdom in the world. I was just stating my opinion about how I think that the mother wouldn't even be producing milk anymore. You would think that the hormone that produces milk would be gone by the time her daughter is 13.. I apologize if I got it wrong.

Llamacod 11

its cool kim, I apologize if I came off too harshly, but the hormone thing is one of those things that, as long as the woman keeps breast feeding, there is no reason that the milk production would stop( in theory at least)

Lludes 5

You got it wrong. The hormone that produces milk will keep producing till the daughter stops sucking.

Llamacod 11

hey lludes, you've got to lay off the "ludes", I don't have it wrong as I have said the same thing you did.

That kind on shit goes on my strange addiction! /:

I likes the woman who slept with her blow dryer and the adult baby. Wasted so much time at work watching these on YouTube!

I watched the one where, a lady was addicted to drinking gasoline everyday/ and another lady carried around and sniffed a baby doll's head that she owned since she was 4 years old. Weird ass show!

I think the worst one was the woman who carried around the pillow that she had for over 20 years - which she bought second hand! Seriously, how many germs were on that! Festy!

Or the woman who carried around her husbands ashes. And then ate them.

Cat_Lover24 2

I agree with u! That bitch needs to be on that show

Cat_Lover24 2

I agree with u! That bitch needs to be on that show

I hate that show. I don't like that they lump destructive behaviors/actual addictions together with hobbies/lifestyles. I mean, there's a huge difference between being an adult baby (lifestyle) or enjoying taxidermy (hobby) and drinking your own urine or eating cigarette butts.... That said, I think we'd need to know more about OP's situation before we could judge. To me, it seems like a very strange hobby. I would only say something about it if she thought the dolls were actual children or something.

RickyG655 0


tony1891 22

Wow. People do that? That's crazy.

225, those are two different shows. There's my strange addiction with the urine drinker, then my crazy obsession with the adult baby.

My Crazy Obsession must be new. They DID have an adult baby and a taxidermist on My Strange Addiction, though. (season 2, episode 3 and season 1, episode 11 according to Wikipedia)

Hopefully that doll doesn't get more titties than you do

tony1891 22

does she breast feed you too?

zuzupetalsYO 11

They are probably cabbage patch dolls and they are making her do it.