By axel519 - 31/12/2011 02:43 - United States

Today, my girlfriend decided to raid my games collection and try her hand at Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Two hours later, despite my best attempts to make her stop shrieking like a dying crackhead every two minutes, two cops showed up at the door with our neighbors in tow. FML
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Say you were having extremely rough bondage sex

Have fun explaining that one :)


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You were that excited to get first comment so that's all you said... Congratulations

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Indeed, I was.

Have fun explaining that one :)

I'd start off by saying she overdosed on meth and perhaps then they would buy the rest of the story

It all began on a cold December evening...

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Something similar has happened to me. But it was my boyfriend doing the shrieking -_-

59 just shut the fuck up >:(

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That game is scarier then any other game, movie or book. Especially some of the mods and custom story's. I have watched what are considered some really scary movies and I didn't even flinch but I woke up my whole family with my scream when I was playing in the middle of the night. It really messes with you. After playing it for 8 hours straight and then beating it I couldn't stop shaking.

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Yeah that game is horrifying. I don't even have the guts to finish it...

I quit after the water part. I just couldn't take it anymore. It almost literally scares the piss out of you.

This is about AMNESIA: The Dark Descent, right?

now I want to play it, bit I'm afraid of dying :-/

This is great... I have Amnesia and I'm to scared to play...

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WYSIWYG - The Dramatics

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C-c-c-c-combo breaker!

We got a crazy!

That game is fucking crazy! I played it in the middle of the night with surround sound headphones. I needed to stop and take emotional breaks!

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Haha, bitches be crazy

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Really?! I Thought we were completely on level looks like it's time for another investigation *grabs magnifying glass*

I think we need a tazer here more than a magnifying glass.

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Does 6's profile pic make anyone else want to thumb him down without even reading his comment?

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Umm I think your pic is crazy lol jk

6- I won't lie, your picture really bothers me.

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Hey dickfaces his comment is funny, dont thumb down based on picture

Say you were having extremely rough bondage sex

That would be a tad bit awkward.

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Not that awkward, #12. The cops have handcuffs, so maybe they'll want to join the fun.

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They also gave guns, in case you're feeling extra adventurous. Nothing like a bullet in the chest for the hardcore masochist.

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Great idea! Why not add even more holes to fuck?

Let us not forget the batons. Endless possibilities, there.

The cops will enjoy that story.

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That game is terrifying. YDI for not warning her.

Best. Game. Ever. :D

I love the game myself but I didn't for a while after playing it. I wouldn't blame OP's girlfriend for being scared.

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She is screaming because someone stole her sweet roll.

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Skyrim :D

Nope. Skyrim referencing Fallout 3. :D

Lol dying crackhead :')

Nice FML, does it come in men's?