By axel519 - 31/12/2011 02:43 - United States

Today, my girlfriend decided to raid my games collection and try her hand at Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Two hours later, despite my best attempts to make her stop shrieking like a dying crackhead every two minutes, two cops showed up at the door with our neighbors in tow. FML
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You were that excited to get first comment so that's all you said... Congratulations

I'd start off by saying she overdosed on meth and perhaps then they would buy the rest of the story

It all began on a cold December evening...

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Something similar has happened to me. But it was my boyfriend doing the shrieking -_-

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That game is scarier then any other game, movie or book. Especially some of the mods and custom story's. I have watched what are considered some really scary movies and I didn't even flinch but I woke up my whole family with my scream when I was playing in the middle of the night. It really messes with you. After playing it for 8 hours straight and then beating it I couldn't stop shaking.

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Yeah that game is horrifying. I don't even have the guts to finish it...

I quit after the water part. I just couldn't take it anymore. It almost literally scares the piss out of you.

This is about AMNESIA: The Dark Descent, right?

now I want to play it, bit I'm afraid of dying :-/

This is great... I have Amnesia and I'm to scared to play...

That game is ******* crazy! I played it in the middle of the night with surround sound headphones. I needed to stop and take emotional breaks!

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Really?! I Thought we were completely on level looks like it's time for another investigation *grabs magnifying glass*

I think we need a tazer here more than a magnifying glass.

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Does 6's profile pic make anyone else want to thumb him down without even reading his comment?

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Umm I think your pic is crazy lol jk

6- I won't lie, your picture really bothers me.

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Hey dickfaces his comment is funny, dont thumb down based on picture

Say you were having extremely rough bondage sex

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Not that awkward, #12. The cops have handcuffs, so maybe they'll want to join the fun.

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They also gave guns, in case you're feeling extra adventurous. Nothing like a bullet in the chest for the hardcore masochist.

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Great idea! Why not add even more holes to ****?

Let us not forget the batons. Endless possibilities, there.

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That game is terrifying. YDI for not warning her.

I love the game myself but I didn't for a while after playing it. I wouldn't blame OP's girlfriend for being scared.

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She is screaming because someone stole her sweet roll.